They Think I’m Not Balling Because I Don’t Post Designer Handbags, Holiday Trips – Rita Dominic

at 20-02-2020 12:44AM (1 month ago)

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Popular Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic has a word or two for all those who think she’s not balling because she doesn’t post about designer labels and holiday trips on her social media pages.

In a post on her Instastories, the actress wondered when social media became the yardstick for determining who is wealthy and who is not.

According to the screen diva, expecting someone to post a materialistic lifestyle on social media before concluding that the person is doing well in life is simply a poverty mentality.

Her post reads ;

So social media has now become the yardstick to measure wealth ? LOL.

Some people think cos you don’t post certain things like Designer Labels, Holidays, how much you have ETC on yor page means you are not balling ?

Wow!! Poverty Mentality much.

Happiness or in your words balling means different things to different people.

This life isn’t that serious, be happy you are alive and healthy and foremost

SamNavy at 20-02-2020 02:24AM (1 month ago)
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Mama go and married you are getting old before it is too late for you.
Osahenogae1 at 20-02-2020 05:47AM (1 month ago)
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Quote from: SamNavy on 20-02-2020 05:47AM
Mama go and married you are getting old before it is too late for you.
Thank u for that
Kormeijama at 20-02-2020 01:13PM (1 month ago)
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Why did you all this long to  say this simple but  needed truth to your fellow  celebs. At least someone with brains now talking  in that sorry place. I've been wondering why do most of these   people thought  that we  love seeing their pennies or underbellies  or hear about what  car or dress they just bought. Rita thanks for   this. Keep your love life and  what you wear and drive to yourself- have you seen Dangote  playing with money on the streets or TV, nope.