WAR BREWING: Fashion Designer, KingRonke Calls Out Lagos Big Girl Tejupretty Again (Screenshot)

at 26-02-2020 04:59PM (1 month ago)

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It looks like controversial Lagos slayqueen, #Tejupretty has finally met her match... There is an ongoing drama on snapchat...This morning Teju who is presently in Dubai reacted to a subliminal post by Ronke which reads "the things girls do for travelling ehn and na God go help us ".

Although Ronke did not mention any name but Teju who is popularly known for social media fights caught the sub and decided to throw tantrums ... Teju accused Ronke of sleeping with other guys despite living with her boyfriend, an allegation Ronke denied.

Teju also tried to drag Ronke's popular friends ( Berbiedoll & winni) as she accused them again of always engaging in threesomes to fund their luxury lifestyle... Now Ronke did not let this attack from Teju slide unlike others who just ignore her usual tantrums.

Ronke replied Teju by saying she got dumped by her popularly boyfriend "teddybear" after she allegedly slept off at the hotel where she lodged with another man.

This is where it gets interesting, Ronke accused Teju of advising the ex-wife of the man she is currently with in Dubai ( Obonky ) but went behind to f*ck him ... Ronke also accused Teju of borrowing a whopping N150,000 to buy Kayanmata so she can use it on her ex-boyfriend but it reportedly backfired.

Ronke also vowed to whoop Teju's ass anywhere she sees her in Lagos as she not down for all the social media war bants.

Check out screenshoot and video below;