Can you cross any line or is there a limit to what you can do to live abroac?

Date: 18-09-2010 7:57 pm (10 years ago) | Author: Ikenna Paul
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Aiykay Can you croos any line or is there a limit to what you can do to live abroad?
 17/09/10 08:37
Having spent the past few years here in Europe (precisely in Germany),i `ve come to see the fruituity and futiliy of the efforts people made to come,people have defferent motivations of risking a lot just to come and live here,so have you been here for so long or did just arrived?what mctivated your coming,and has your dream come true or are you still chasing it.
Was everything they told you true or did they deceived you into coming?
Is your life better off now that you are here or is it worst off?
Do have a dream of coming and what inspired your dream?
Have you made many efforts to come or you have given up hope of trying?
what have you gained or what did you lost while trying to come,did you lost your dignity or you lost your money?
what kind of stories did your friends or your relations told you about here and are all of them true?.
Now that you are here,will you advice someone to come and why?.
If you are a woman,why would you regard a man who lives abroad so high that you would like him to be your husband?Will you stay where you are now or will you rather say"i `i like to see with my eyes".lets answer and share our experiences so that others can learn from them.

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