VIDEO: Rudeboy Of Psquare Angry After After Sending N10,000 To An Ungrateful Fan

Published On: March 30, 2020, 5:45 pm
Daniel Bosai
-- Online (m) at 30-03-2020 05:45PM

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Rudeboy or Paul Okoye from the defunct Psquare group might be a multi-millionaire or even a billionaire but that has not stopped him from valuing all of his money down to the smallest hundred Naira. The star singer narrated how he was being generous to a fan who had initially begged him for N5,000 and he sent N10,000 to him as a gift to the fan in the isolation period. He was shocked when he got a reply from the fan complaining that the N10,000 rudeboy sent was beneath his status as a big celebrity.

Rudeboy said he sent the fan his account number to return the money but he never heard back from this fan! -  You can see the video below:

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Do you think Rudeboy was being stingy or this fan is just being a jerk?

-- Doyourworst (m) at 30-03-2020 06:21PM
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Take heart bro!....i feel you. God will definitely reward you. I hate ungrateful Baboons!. Most of them are poor because of their minds!. I don't like to help anyone that won't appreciate my kindness. phyuk anyone who thinks otherwise.
-- maxzy277 (m) at 30-03-2020 06:39PM
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You don do your best man, let him continue to beg for $1m from the Americans
-- nonsovin (m) at 30-03-2020 07:09PM
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Useless beggars!
-- Asterimou (m) at 31-03-2020 12:00AM
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So painful. Try to find thus guy and made him return your money and give it to someone who will appreciate its value. Thats how i do my thing. He is not worthy of a cent from u.
-- Boi2Man (m) at 31-03-2020 03:41AM
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The guy na idiot. And a big thief.
-- wolefafo (m) at 31-03-2020 05:45AM
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-- nonsovin (m) at 31-03-2020 09:37AM
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Quote from: wolefafo on 31-03-2020 05:45AM
One of them detected!!