Its Time To Ask God For Help, Dont Tag Me In Any Instagram Challenge - Pretty Mike Reveals

Published On: March 31, 2020, 8:49 am
Adegbenga Ayinla
-- (m) at 31-03-2020 08:49AM

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When the Bible says God's judgement will start from the church, and we even read of a thief making Heaven, lol people questioned that, why? A thief?? See ehn, our so called preachers, holy marys, gospel singers hahaha don't be surprised on the last day, don't be surprised.

Prettymike is classified as a womanizer, ofcus a club owner (what sin is higher than that right? lol, I mean every manner of sin happens at the club right, lol (yimu), see eh, me i wont be surprised to see Pretty Mike in Heaven and well, a man that carry's God on his head but can't speak the truth at crucial times in hell. So many are scared of being criticized, so they say, it's just a virus. Trolololo virus kwa?

Anyway, Pretty Mike has joined the truth gang, dropping a bombshell on IG asking people not to tag him and get serious for once or is it until we all perish? He said to him, we have had enough fun and it's time to return to our creator. He also chastised those still faking it on the gram, I mean a lot are still doing that. Taking to IG and addressing what has made the world STAND STILL, Pretty Mike wrote;... read below...

''I think it’s time for us to wake up and face reality......There is a global crisis......the whole world has been brought to a stand still ever since the spread of this epidemic...gradually the world has been shutting down,children forced to leave school,universities shut down,families forced into isolation,the economy going downhill by the minute, it’s the end of the month and alot of companies can’t even afford to pay their works salaries and u can’t blame dem because there hasn’t been no business for a min....deaths recorded by the thousands and it keeps getting worse by the day......85% of what makes it to the gram is not people’s real lives...I’m yet to see a post of a woman showing us where her husband beat her last night,or a post of where a mother is going crazy over the commotion the kids are causing at home....instagram isn’t reality....poor families stuck at home without any means to take care of themselves....this is the harsh truth right now and Nigeria is no exemption.....this is not the time to blame our governments,Pastors,celebrities or social media influences for not doing their jobs. It’s about time we all take a chill pill and take responsibility of ourselves and surroundings.....some of us are still ignorant to how severe this is media is full of different tiktok and triller challenges,while some just want to kill themselves in this house party app ....Pls and I say pls again, no one should tag me in any Instagram challenge again haven’t we had enough fun already......when are we going to take this seriously....the world is in crisis and before it gets better it would get worst and we are yet to see the worst of it here in Nigeria I’m not a saint,but it’s about time we all get on our knees and call upon the creator and ask for his HELP or is it until Desert Locust starts eating us all ..Pls maintain social distancing and isolate urself positively,the faster we all realize how serious this is,the faster for us to get through it ... this is wake up call for me.... What about You Huh???''