VIDEO: "Pastors Are Not Ordinary People" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Published On: April 3, 2020, 4:40 pm (7 months ago)
Author: Daniel Bosai

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has slammed Government officials for forcefully closing churches to force down to comply to the lockdown directive that has been passed due to coronavirus epidemic. The pastor revealed that those government officials are in big danger for "assaulting" a pastor and no amount of prayer can save them because pastors are not ordinary people. He went further to say, you can never criticise any pastor, even though he constantly criticize his ex-wife who is also a pastor but he referred to her as a "Junior" pastor who needs to respect him as her "Senior Pastor". Many people has responded to this calling it emotional blackmail and manipulation by Pastor Chris. You can listen to the extended version of the sermon below, let us know your thoughts on this:

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Posted: (7 months ago) on 3-04-2020 04:40 PM | Hero
Religion has destroyed many things nowadays!. We've been held Captive by these men that claims to liberate us from the very dogmatics which has kept us in their Bonds without any hope of true freedom. Most are being worshipped and Adored more than the Creator. I've said it before, I do strongly doubt if any Nigerian will make heaven!.  The most greediest and deceitful thing ever created after LUCIFER!. I regret to be called a Nigerian!. I swear, it's true!.
Posted: (7 months ago) on 3-04-2020 05:37 PM | Gistmaniac
Buffoon. You are not only ordinary, you are a scammer too.
Posted: (7 months ago) on 3-04-2020 06:07 PM | Upcoming
Another way to instil fear in the
 minds of people
Posted: (7 months ago) on 3-04-2020 06:16 PM | Gistmaniac
I tire for this man, why is this man trying to comfuse  people. Am not a pastor but everyone knows that the circomstances that happened in the bible that made the gvmnt to stop the men of God from preaching the gospel is quiet different from this one. In the bible the govnmt stopped them because they dont want the people to repent and convert to serve our lord Jesus Christ, that was the reason the men of God flaunt the directive,. but on this very situation, our govnmt is trying to stop people from spreading the epidemic virus to protect us from death but the pastors flaunt the directive because of offering nd tithe they want to collect from brainwashed members
Posted: (7 months ago) on 3-04-2020 07:48 PM | Upcoming
Story for the gods and goddesses
Posted: (7 months ago) on 3-04-2020 08:18 PM | Upcoming
Nonsense, Scammers are not ordinary people, they are criminals.
Posted: (7 months ago) on 3-04-2020 08:54 PM | Gistmaniac
How deep in sin people of the world are. I just pity the mind blowing ignorance from the comments I am reading.
Posted: (7 months ago) on 4-04-2020 01:55 PM | Upcoming