It Cost $2M To Bring Chinese Doctors To Nigeria -Ambassador Of China To Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian

1 month ago by: Adegbenga Ayinla
(m) at 9-04-2020 10:58AM (1 month ago)

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The Ambassador of China to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, on Wednesday said the Chinese experts that arrived Nigeria came to reciprocate the gestures demonstrated by Nigeria during China’s trying times in fighting COVID-19.

Speaking with newsmen after the arrival of the team along with more medical equipment, the Ambassador acknowledged that the Nigerian government had shown China great solidarity when it struggled with the Coronavirus pandemic.
He said the support coming from the Chinese government and its companies in Nigeria was China’s way of reciprocating.

He noted that so far, it had cost China’s construction company, CCECC, about two million dollars to bring in the experts and the medical equipment.

The ambassador said that he could not understand the rationale behind the attitude of some Nigerians who were against the coming of the experts.

“I am struggling to understand the logic; for us, at the most difficult stage of our fight, we received support from Nigeria, it is time for us to reciprocate the friendship and the kindness.

“This is the first time I met the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, since early February and I appreciate the strong support for us from him and the government.

“For the government and Chinese businesses, what we are trying to do is to address the concerns of our dear friends.

“According to the information the CCECCE gave to me, the value of the equipment and medical supplies is around $1.5 million and including the other costs like the flight it is around $2 million,”
he said.

willyking (m) at 9-04-2020 11:36AM
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Na by force to help person ?? ha this one done pass be careful we no want we na want why waste all that money..
crusita (f) at 9-04-2020 12:00PM
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What idot leaders hope they have see the film on internet were nigerian are treated as animal on the street in china.Why Africa leaders sell their country to other country shame shame.right now nobody in the world need china in their country for anything.SO WHY NIGERIA?
tyomon (m) at 9-04-2020 01:15PM
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God will punish Nigeria rulers, including there generations. how much are they paying our doctors
Goldtime (m) at 9-04-2020 01:20PM
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Quote from: tyomon on  9-04-2020 01:15PM
God will punish Nigeria rulers, including there generations. how much are they paying our doctors
Bro ! Read the tin before u vex Na o
maxzy277 (m) at 9-04-2020 02:07PM
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The Chinese government should have given the said monies to Nigerian Doctors to boost their morale  Cool
mirolam (f) at 9-04-2020 02:15PM
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I thought Nigerian Doctors were doing a terrific job managing Covid 19. I would have understand this move if people were dying in their numbers like Spain Italy and America.
fineboy77 (m) at 9-04-2020 02:34PM
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The number of active cases in China and at least 8 of the countries in Asia is far more than the total cases seen in Nigeria so far...,so they actually need all the medical help they can get both in their country and in their Continent. Why are they exporting these so called experts to Nigeria?...,first of all,you dont become a field Marshal by fighting one war or quenching a riot on the streets,you can be one after seeing many battles,so how did these experts become experts?has there been another Corona virus outbreak that they fought and won and then another and then another?,or just any other pandemic?...,I dont know why our leaders are trying to force this issue down our throats,but you see...,this hidden agenda will soon come to light...,and I am sure there is an agenda.

SweetDaddy1 (m) at 9-04-2020 03:12PM
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Nigeria don't need Chinese or foreign doctors, what we need are model equipment and higher payments for Nigerian nurses doctors.
mgiwa6 (m) at 9-04-2020 05:38PM
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I have no desire to visit China even for free!
abcdqwer (m) at 9-04-2020 06:44PM
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I can not even get over it to see our government inviting these criminals, inferiority complex is killing Africa.