VIDEO: Nigerian Consular Confronts Chinese Authorities For Discriminating Against Nigerians

1 month ago by: onuigbo felicia
(f) at 9-04-2020 08:22PM (1 month ago)

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Video showing how the Nigerian consular confronting Chinese for discriminating Nigerians has gone viral
The Nigerian consular is seen putting the Chinese racists in their place as they collect their passport from each of them.

Watch the video below;

ficull (m) at 9-04-2020 08:30PM
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Buhari is a disappointment.
Henrybobo (m) at 9-04-2020 08:35PM
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Stupid Chinese people
KingPharoah (m) at 9-04-2020 09:16PM
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This Abike Dabiri of Diaspora commission was busy blaming Nigerians as she always does. Ugly ass.
fineboy77 (m) at 9-04-2020 09:39PM
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Quote from: KingPharoah on  9-04-2020 09:16PM
This Abike Dabiri of Diaspora commission was busy blaming Nigerians as she always does. Ugly ass.
Never heard about that...,blaming them for what exactly?

joblock (m) at 9-04-2020 10:50PM
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They always take advantage, because they know our government or leaders are so weak to stand for us. This is what we citizens are missing for so long in abroad.
Prinss (m) at 9-04-2020 10:59PM
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This consular is total nice, Thank you Sir. My Respect. Abike dabiri is just an Opportunist who dont care about young Nigerians hustlling out there. She is only used to knowing ppl like Atiku`s Children. Olosi, Asawo Bansa, Corona hammer ya honeypot
Boi2Man (m) at 9-04-2020 11:47PM
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Idiotic chinco after bringing convid 19 you people should be ashamed of yourselves for always starting bad bad diseases all the time.
Noah147 (m) at 10-04-2020 07:17AM
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Finally someone actually standing for us !!!! No way thank you sir. My wife and I go to a Chinese restaurant's a lot and we like it there ,but since I saw this video I told her I will never spend my money to any Chinese again ever again.she said that doesn't mean they are all racist I said I don't care I will stand by my people phyuk em all.and she knows I mean that racist good for nothing pricks, what baffles me the most is that we are better than these people but lack of good governance put us at the mercy of these urgly small dicks  c*@ts. Now am done ranting have a good day.