Revelation! Yvonne Jegede's Marriage With Abounce Hits Rock Due To Infidelity Of Both Parties

Date: 15-04-2020 9:03 am (2 years ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
- at 15-04-2020 09:03 AM (2 years ago)

Scintillating Nollywood star, Yvonne Jeged has now gone on to form a new partnership with sesational singer, Orezi, fondly called Alhaji Orezi. The love birds were spotted holding hands at a party recently and to even put more fuel on fire, they were hugging and kissing, see how the story was reported by popular celebrity blog, Gistlovers blog:

Hello Tueh Tueh,so it’s no longer news that Actress ,Yvonne Jegede marriage with Abounce,Son of Late Actress,Bukky Ajayi has hit the rock based on infidelity ground on both sides,the two of them are doing the do outside their vow,while the husband was with another senior colleague(Bimbo A)Aunty Yvonne was too Carry broda Orezi with the good songs,Shebi them say Na 50/50 no cheating,Aunty also went further in her extra marital affairs with another Randy Old man,who is well known in the industry for his handsome pocket and sharing Gbola among some of our actresses(list go soon drop)his name is Kenny Pedro.

President and Aunty Yvonne love started from way back before marriage,and after marriage GLB thought everything go just waka pass but Aunty say no be end of discussion o,Na discussion CONTINUE,she sleeps several night at unku house and their public display affection(PDA)is no longer a new thingattached is a video we got in our possession how they went together to an event and was chopping each other tongues.

Here is a video of the couple below:

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- smart61 at 15-04-2020 10:32 AM (2 years ago)
Today women now want to hold the 4 aces. To them, there is nothing like the man being head of the family. They want their bank account to keep swelling on a daily basis. Range rover sport, Dubai trips are part of their constitution. Nollywood girls are not reliable and so are many others
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for God's sake, is she not free to have another man after a failed marriage?
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- gbagyiza at 15-04-2020 06:59 PM (2 years ago)
women should try as much as possible to stay away from this life of jumping from one man to another, it brings down their value. I respect women that are stable in a relationship or a marital life.
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