I Rely on Prayers - Celebrity Polygamist, Musa Reveals How He Sexually Satisfies His 4 Wives

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South Africa’s celebrity polygamist Musa Mseleku has spoken about how he satisfies his four wives.

When asked how he sexually satisfies the women, he said that he relies on prayers to achieve this monumental feat.

“ I use prayers as a weapon to give my 4 wives sexual pleasure.

"God gives me strength as I go to bed. I believe when God created me he had all these plans in mind, so the strength to sexually satisfy my wives comes from Him,"
he said.

He has ten kids at the moment and he has a popular reality tv in South Africa that discuss polygamy and the show has cult followership in the country.

Before Coronavirus struck, he announced that he is looking for wife number 5 and then announced that he needed ten women in his country to go on date with him so he can select the 5th wife.

But before any of the ten women will proceed on the date, they are expected to pay 5,000 rands before the date happens.

Instead of ten women as Originally advertised, over one thousand women paid for 5,000 rands to go for the date with the serial polygamist, it has been claimed.

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I wonder how one man will be able to live with more than woman as a wife wheareas to live with one woman is sometimes unbearable...