Meet The Nigerian King Who Built a Free School in His Hometown And Even Teaches There (Photos)

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Do you know this school? Abolarin College in Oke-Ila, Osun State. The students there pay NO school fees; enjoy free hostel, free food, free internet, free uniform, free laptop for every child, and 24 hours power supply; and all these expenses are paid by the town’s king. What is the most shocking is that the king teaches too in the school.
What makes this school remarkable is that one major criteria for getting admitted in is being poor. If your parents are rich, you cannot get admission. Unlike other schools, Abolarin College wants poor kids who are very brilliant. If you are poor but brilliant, the king will admit you!
The king believes poor brilliant kids should also be given an equal opportunity to become something in life- so that the future does not belong only to those born with silver spoons in their mouth. The king himself has a law degree and masters in law- and he also teaches in the school.
From what we gathered, the king has only one wife. Obviously, he is not using the money of the kingdom to accumulate wives or properties; instead he is investing it in the education of future leaders while he aims to reduce the burden of illiteracy in the society. For him, it doesn’t matter the religion, it is not about nepotism, neither is it restricted to Yoruba children nor only children from Oke Ila; it is about any less privileged child anywhere who is willing to be educated. That is why the only criteria for admission is poverty and brilliance.
Many of those kids previously hawked pepper, sachet water, fruits etc. Some came from farms where all they did was work under the hot sun weeding and planting. Many are orphans, hawkers, child labourers, delinquents, children of petty traders, but now they have hope, and not just hope, a future...

The Alaafin of Oyo and Ooni of Ife may have more money than this king, but in years to come, King Abolarin's impact will take him to the echelons of greatness. What if we also have many Northern Sultans and Emir engaging in this? All across history, change begins with just a man! Dare to live differently, making an impact. It is what we do with money and our other resources that counts, for money has no value in itself!

This man is planting seeds that will blossom in the future. In the nearest years, that town will be filled with successful and accomplished people. I love this. God bless the King. This is one man that fully has my respect. We should celebrate such a Nigerian! This king is a legend and posterity will never forget him.

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You are a king forever, praying for your good health and long life. Your gesture would be blessed abundantly  and will ever remain indelible in peoples heart. But, please, do not  give room to APC heartless government to intervene in your goodness.
Keep fit, take care and God bless you.
-- Oways (m) at 2-06-2020 11:38AM
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A heart of GOLD
-- dopygenius Online (m) at 2-06-2020 11:45AM
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Na this kind person Nigeria need as a president,a man with a selfless complete Heart of gold,not a man with a heart of Satan the devil,just like buhari is a complete Satan himself, Nigerians will not vote with thier conscience but will always vote with thier Foolishness tomorrow them go dey complain everyday... Rubbish
-- fineboy77 Online (m) at 2-06-2020 12:02PM
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He should run for the presidency

-- nikiniki Online (f) at 2-06-2020 12:42PM
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Well i hope other kings and emirs will copy the good act instead of getting married to young wives.
-- mountain007 (m) at 2-06-2020 02:18PM
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Kade pe lori , ki beta pe lese. KABIYESI OOOOOOO!......
-- FloxyB (m) at 2-06-2020 02:35PM
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This king achievement should be widely publicized in all social media platforms.
-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 2-06-2020 03:20PM
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GOD ALMIGHTY has already Bless this King.  Kabiyesi OOO May you live long to see your children, children and become a great grandfather.
-- Henrybobo Online (m) at 2-06-2020 08:03PM
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Only if we had at least 30% of people like this as our leaders...., only if...
-- KingPharoah (m) at 2-06-2020 11:01PM
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These are the kind of Men of God We need in our saciety. Even Angels in Heaven are Praying for him, Remain Blessed Sir.
-- jacklyn111 (f) at 3-06-2020 01:12AM
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Quote from: Henrybobo on  2-06-2020 08:03PM
Only if we had at least 30% of people like this as our leaders...., only if...

30% for where? In fact, just 12% ( WHICH IS ABOUT 1,000 POLITICIANS) in the whole Nigeria Political System is ENOUGH!
-- Baye77 Online (m) at 3-06-2020 06:03AM
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May God bless him more and make many other leaders follow his lead