Dbanj Didnt Lodge With Us - Glee Hotel Management Reacts To Dbanj's Rape Allegation (Details)

Date: 05-06-2020 12:01 pm (11 months ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 5-06-2020 12:01 PM (11 months ago)

After the rape allegation made by a Nigerian lady, identified as Seyi, against popular artiste, Dbanj, saying that she was raped by the singer in a hotel known as Glee Hotel, the hotel in question as reacted.

Glee Hotel has denied the claims of the alleged rape victim, in an official statement and has contacted their lawyers for further legal actions.

According to the management the room was not rented by her and there was no report of rape. They stated firmly that the allegation is  ‘FALSE’ and can never happen at Glee…

Read the statement:

“Our attention has been brought to the Rape allegation trending on Instagram made against the popular musician Dbanj. It is said to have happened at Glee hotel sometime in December 2018. It is alleged that the front office at Glee gave Dbanj the key to a guests room without their consent.

“We state firmly that this is FALSE and can never happen at Glee. We operate best practices and the welfare and security of our guest is paramount to us. We advice the accuser to check with the person who paid for the said room as her said name was not on record as a guest.

Any person who pays has access to two keys for all the rooms paid for by them. We never got any complaints then or at anytime afterwards regarding any form of abuse.

“We will never condone any form of abuse particularly to a lady at our premises (Glee). we are happy to assist in investigating the matter properly. Our lawyers have been informed and we are taking the matter very seriously. We SAY LOUDLY NO to rape or any form of

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- Knowman at 5-06-2020 12:09 PM (11 months ago)
Mehn sue her
Posted: at 5-06-2020 12:09 PM (11 months ago) | Upcoming
- dopygenius at 5-06-2020 03:45 PM (11 months ago)
That's how u useless girls keep bringing out useless accusations,I said it on the previous news related to this same topic ,and that frustrated untrained idiot prostitute called nikinki opened her useless mouth to insult her dead low life mumu father,how person go dey inside hotel room alone,and the door is locked,then suddenly dbanj came from nowhere to raped u,u no raise alarm at that very moment,u allowed him phyuked u, probably u even sucked his dick,if at all he did it,then after two whole years na naw u come out dey talk cos we dey for season of say no rape ,u wan trend abi,abeg dbanj and management of Glee hotel you have to sue that bastard bitch,
All these useless miserable godforsaken set of wasted cheap prostitutes, another one will come up with another fake story....watch out.....
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- pamarekb at 5-06-2020 05:44 PM (11 months ago)
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Guys. Wait a second before rushing to judgement or bashing the girl. I support you all for saying she should have raised the alarm long time ago, but then we all know there are many reasons why victims of rape sometimes choose to keep silent. In her allegation she said her rapist used a second key other than the one she had with her in the room to gain entry. And now the hotel just confirmed giving two keys to whoever paid for the room which she had also earlier admitted was paid for by someone else in her original statement. So let the hotel make a complaint to the Police and let all parties involved, including the one who paid for the room be interrogated and the truth will surface. But please don't be quick in dismissing victims of rape otherwise it becomes endemic and your own daughters might fall victims someday. Lastly, hope the hotel still has the CCTV record of that day. Normally I would expect a good hotel to keep such for a number of years
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- Baye77 at 6-06-2020 06:40 AM (11 months ago)
You have not made any valid point here, "Glee", or on the contrary, should I say u just gave us the first clue into sueing your ass and that of randy Dbanj (if u guys are guilty)?? Atleast you've ascertained that whoever pays for room has access to two keys. Very good! You said there was no report of rape, ofcourse she said she never reported it, so that's not new. You said her name isnt in your records, somebody else probably booked the room, so let's look for the person and start asking him/her how he/she gave the second key to Dbanj.
The Dbanj accused has not even come out to deny the claims and you people are ranting here. Nonsense!
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