UPDATED! Man Who Killed 55-yr-old Widow In Abuja Opens Up On Why & How He Did It (Photo)

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The police in Abuja are working hard to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a 55-year-old woman killed and buried in a soak-away by her assailant.

The deceased Mrs Janet Nnenna Ogbonnaya was killed on May 14, at Gwagalada Abuja. Already the main suspect in the murder of the widow has been arrested and kept in police custody.

Incidentally, the culprits are siblings of the same parents. The suspects: Johnson Emmanuel, 38; Gideon Emmanuel, 31; and Success Emmanuel, 27, were arrested in their home town where they relocated to after killing the woman.

Johnson, who is the principal suspect in the murder claimed that he was dating the woman before she died.

Johnson, a welder and the eldest child of a family of seven, said that though he met her on Facebook, they attend the same church.

He said that the deceased used to come to his house at Wumba, in Lokogoma, but had never spent the night there for reasons best known to her.

The deceased lived in Gwagwlada before her death

But the police would not buy any of the claims by Johnson that the deceased was having an affair with him because at the time her body was exhumed from the soak-away, the police said she was fully dressed with her pants, brassier, tight, and gowns on.

The police believe that somebody who went to her boyfriends house to have an affair would not have been dressed that way, pointing out that there was no way the killers would have been able to dress her in that way.

It is believed that her murder was carefully planned and executed by the perpetrators who also took her vehicle, changed the colour and particulars.

Police sources said that the deceased who wanted to go into poultry business may have met her assailant in the process as she would have been deceived into believing that he had something to offer.

The police also said that the ransom the suspect asked from the family was not paid because the family insisted to speak with their mother before parting with the money which the suspect refused.

His arrests was made possible after police arrested his younger brother, the panel beater and the man who helped him to change the vehicle particulars and number plate.

He was arrested by police operatives at the junction leading to his village where he positioned to receive the vehicle.

In this interview with Sunday Sun, Johnson, speaks on how he met the deceased, how she died in his house, how he buried her with the help of his younger brothers and lots more. Hear him:

My name is Johnson Emmanuel, I am 38 years old and I am a welder by profession. I am also into CCTV installations.

I have been a welder for a longtime, I was working in Port Harcourt before I moved to Abuja in 2018.

I came to abuja in 2018, I am from Isiekenesi, Ideato Local Government Area of Imo State.

I was arrested by the police over the death of Mrs Janet Ogbonnaya. She came to see me in my house on May 14.

How I met her
I have known the deceased for two years now, we met on Facebook and we have been chatting and have been meeting. You know she is a member of Cherubim and Seraphim and she got to know that I am also a member of Cherubim and Seraphim, but there is no Cherubim church at Wumba, where I live I go to Logos assembly, so we began to date.

She stays at Gwagwalada. I have never been to her house, she only showed me the place because she doesn’t want people to see us together. My house to her house is only two hours journey. I toasted her, I told her that she was beautiful and that was how we started dating. She was good to me, she was not a bad person. We have been having sex, God is my witness. She comes to my house, but she has never spent a night. We have known ourselves for the past two year now. So, on this fateful day that she came to see me in my house on 14 of last month, I wanted her to sleep over at all costs, but she refused. I then asked her what she would eat so I can go and buy food, she said she would not eat Garri because she has ulcer and told me to buy rice instead. So, I went out to get her food, but diverted to a pharmacy shop where I bought sleeping drug and put it in her drink and gave her.

Why did you drug her if she is your lover?
Like I said I did it because I wanted her to pass the night, she doesn’t like to sleep out because of her children. Immediately she finished taking the drink, we slept together and the next morning I prepared bread and tea and tried to wake her up to eat, but she did not respond. I then started to feed her, but she was still sleeping and not responding and when I touched her, I saw that she was stiff and I confirmed that she was dead. That was on Friday so I had to call my younger brother, Gideon, to come to my house that was about 9 O’clock in the night. She came to my house on Thursday evening and by Friday morning she was dead. My brother didn’t know why I was calling him and he came. When he came, I told him that my girlfriend died in my house and I don’t want my neighbours to know. He was afraid and asked me what I wanted him to do and I begged him to help me. So, he said we should put her in the car and dispose her body by the road side. I told him people will see us and call the police, so I suggested that we dump her into the soak-away and he helped me and we dumped the body inside the soak-away at the back of my house. But I became very uncomfortable and afraid that  I will get into trouble if people found out this woman died in my house. After the burial, I decided to sell the house at a give away price of N7,000,000. It’s a one bedroom flat and two self-contain apartment that was still under construction. After selling the house, I relocated to the village. I told my brother Gideon everything, it is only this my younger brother, Sucess that does not know anything about the matter. I convinced my brother Gideon that I will give him money to start a new business that was why he agreed to follow me.

I traveled to the village and from the village I started to make arrangement on how to sell off the vehicle to cover up my tracks because I didn’t want to get into trouble. I know that if I leave the vehicle where it was parked, they would come after me, so I took the vehicle to a panel beater to change the colour from green to red. Also made arrangement and changed the vehicle papers which I got for N45,000, and the vehicle number plate for N25,000 and changed the colour for N40,000. I then sought the assistance of a police woman who I knew to help me provide escort for my brothers to drive the vehicle to the village and she agreed. I did not tell her how I got the vehicle. I lied to her that I bought it and wanted her to help me.

When I discovered that she had died, I used her phone to call her family pretending to be a kidnapper and asked for N5 million ransom. I did not do that because I wanted to collect money, I only did that because I wanted them to think that she had been kidnapped, that was why I refused to show up on the day that they agreed to pay the money.

I changed the colour of the car and got new vehicle particulars and number because I don’t want anyone to suspect me.

Are you married?
Yes, I am married, but I am no longer with my wife, but we have four children. My wife has remarried, but my children are with my mother.

How do you feel?
I feel very bad about the whole incident because I didn’t plan it that way.

I was arrested in my village when my brother came to deliver the vehicle. I didn’t know they had been arrested.

On his part, Gideon said: “What happened that day was that my elder brother called me that very night that I should come to his place and I was very angry, but had to go. When I got there, he told me that his girlfriend died in his house and I have never seen him with this woman before in my life and I never met her. So, I told him we should report to the police because there is nothing I can do because I was very afraid and he begged me and I could not say no to him as my elder brother. So, I said he should put the body in the vehicle and drop it by the road side and he said no that people will see us and that will be more dangerous.

I never knew anything about him and the woman, it is here in the police custody that I am hearing too many things about my brother and I am very bitter about everything.

I don’t know if the lady was his girlfriend or not, but if the lady could visit him at his place then I believe that, even if she was not his girlfriend, they must have known themselves.

I was there when he dragged the body out of the room and took it to the soak-away, but I was afraid to report the matter to the police because he is my blood brother until I was arrested. It was after I was arrested that I started telling the police what happened on the fateful day that he called me before they took me to Imo State where he was arrested.

Are your parents aware of this?
Our parents are in the village and I believe they must have been aware of what is happening now.

I feel so bad and ashamed about the whole thing because I was even asking him that why must you call me that night of all days. May be he called me because he knows I wouldn’t call the police because he is my elder brother. The only thing I am praying for is for God to intervene in this matter and help me.

On his part, Success who police say was not involved in the scenario, said: “Johnson is our elder brother and  the first child of our parent. I am number five in the family. I feel so very bad because this is a very big blow for my family.”

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This is so terrible,how could you drug ur girlfriend since you know she is your girlfriend,must she spend the night with you,is it that you want to phyuk her till day break, sometimes most of you men are so callous and greedy,now she died in ur house and you must face the consequences..... You should have respected her principle when she said she can't spend the night instead you went ahead to drug her...A full autopsy should be carried out weda she died of drug or something else..... Huh?
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They lied they planned the incident.
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They were not dating because, the incident didn't add up with his story. Hang him ASAP.
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