I Will Prosecute Naira Marley & Those Violating Covid-19 Guideline - FCT Minister, Musa Bello

Published On: June 17, 2020, 1:02 pm (5 months ago)

The Federal Capital Territory FCT minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello has again vowed to prosecute the musician,  Naira Marley  and all those involved in violating the Covid-19 guidelines.

The minister who disclosed this in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Anthony Ogunleye said,
“the FCT Administration views the actions of the organisers and attendees at this concert as reckless, wicked, insensitive and utter disrespect and disregard both for the law and the wellbeing and welfare of fellow citizens.

“He also added that the FCT Administration which has a responsibility to protect the lives of the citizenry is determined to prosecute all those involved in orchestrating these infractions to the full extent of the law”,
he said.

The Administration had earlier on Sunday prosecuted the organisers and asked the Lagos State Government to deal with the musician.

The Administration was also mandated by the court to seal up the Jabi Lake Mall for violating the Presidential Task Force’s directives on the ban on public gatherings.

Apart from violating the rules of social distancing and use of face masks in public places, the concert breached the 10pm to 4am curfew in the territory.

In condemning the concert, the Minister lamented that there is a very real possibility that a positive individual at that event could by now have gone ahead to cross-infect several others thereby leading to a possible exponential spread.

He said;
“It is disheartening to see residents not adhering to even the basic guidelines of facial covering, social distancing and hand washing or sanitizing. These guidelines have been put in place in order to save and safeguard lives.

“Adherence to the guidelines could be the difference between life and death. This, therefore, begs the question; whether that concert or party which is clearly against the law is worth the health or life of a citizen. Clearly, no concert or party is worth the life of anyone”.

Posted: (5 months ago) on 17-06-2020 01:02 PM | Hero
Lagos to deal with who? Did Naira Marley contest the alleged crime in Lagos? Get federal police to arrest him and move him to Abuja, cus Lagos is tired of arresting that guy, at the end of the day he will use it like tupac to sing another song, that guy is a survivor, but if he doesn't take time,.one day his luck will run out like hushpuppi, when you follow straight forward way, you may fall but God will eventually raise you, but when you follow cracked way without caution, one day it will fail you.
Posted: (5 months ago) on 17-06-2020 01:40 PM | Upcoming
Start from the presidency and APC stalwarts
Posted: (5 months ago) on 17-06-2020 10:35 PM | Upcoming