From Beauty To Beast! Check Out How Plastic Surgery Has Deformed These Characters (Photos)

Date: 27-06-2020 8:37 am (1 year ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
- at 27-06-2020 08:37 AM (1 year ago)
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Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It can be divided into two main categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.
Reconstructive surgery includes craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns. While reconstructive surgery aims to reconstruct a part of the body or improve its functioning, cosmetic (or aesthetic) surgery aims at improving the appearance of it. Both of these techniques are used throughout the world.
The pursuit of perfection in an imperfect world.
The quest for unattainable beauty, the illusions about beauty, the age of stupidity, the side effects of plastic surgery, the quest for Botox beauty has turn beauties into beasts.
Take caution.
I understand mummy makeovers of the tummy and Bosom  because of the damages cause most often from pregnancies and Bosom feeding and how those can lead to low self esteem amongst women.
But touching your face or tampering with the muscles on your buttocks is what I can’t really understand.
Before you make that hard decision to go under the knife, or injecting chemicals into your face, make sure it’s really what it and be ready to live with the consequences stemming from it in the long run.
Until then, define the kind of beauty you want.
Be natural, be healthy, be safe.

Posted: at 27-06-2020 08:37 AM (1 year ago) | Hero
- felicilin at 27-06-2020 01:09 PM (1 year ago)
look at them. wasting of money. abeg if you plp don't know what do with money distribute it oo
Posted: at 27-06-2020 01:09 PM (1 year ago) | Hero
- kacylee at 27-06-2020 09:32 PM (1 year ago)
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when they dont know what else to do with their money

Posted: at 27-06-2020 09:32 PM (1 year ago) | Addicted Hero
- chrisbarett at 5-11-2020 11:37 PM (8 months ago)
I'm really interested to know what these people were thinking when they did it with their bodies. Facial surgery has always been a very difficult process and I really know very few people who have managed to achieve the desired result. Anyway, why have plastic surgery if you already have a pretty face? To avoid old age? Nonsense ... I understand if a girl undergoes Bosom  augmentation surgery with a lift, as many girls are complex because of their small Bosom s, but in the end everything turns out beautifully and they do not disfigure their body as the people described in the post did. ... Also, if they wanted to avoid old age in this way, then they are greatly mistaken. Each operation spoils the body more and more, as a result of which it begins to age faster (rumors from one magazine)
Posted: at 5-11-2020 11:37 PM (8 months ago) | Newbie
- JasonGraham at 25-05-2021 10:45 PM (2 months ago)
The pics are indeed awful. Have they looked in the mirror? They just had to stop on time.
Posted: at 25-05-2021 10:45 PM (2 months ago) | Newbie
- Wanda1YN at 26-05-2021 10:31 PM (2 months ago)
I agree that everything should be done in moderation. In such a case botox, dermal fillers, surgeries would look natural. I personally passed a botox training course at Dr. Hennessy academy, and know that it can change the appearance for the better. You just have to listen to the professionals' recommendations. They know what is more appropriate for you and when you should stop. Some people just insist on what they want and as a result, they look like "monsters". What nonsense pretending to be 45 when you are already 65 years old. Isn't it stupid? Just live a healthy life, follow the right diet, go in for sports, and it will be enough to look pretty event at 60.
Posted: at 26-05-2021 10:31 PM (2 months ago) | Newbie