Satellite TV is gaining popularity in Nigeria and Ghana

Date: 29-06-2020 9:21 am (11 months ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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COVID-19 has led to a complete renovation of people’s interests and their lifestyles. With this also came a lot of changes in different entertainment industries. And while some are on the verge of completely shutting down or in a financial crisis, others used this time to their advantage and to grow as an industry or a business. And these changes have been occurring all around the world. And there are many examples that showcase this phenomenon very well.

One of said examples is India and the growth of the online gambling industry. Due to the spread of the virus, the citizens were forced to stay inside their houses and this lockdown definitely led to boredom. This is exactly where the online casinos came into play and their popularity is still growing as there are more and more people who want to play at an online casino in India every day. And the same has been happening in many countries all around the world.

As for Nigeria, while online gambling isn’t one of the most popular activities there, it definitely has a lot of potential. With a population of 195 million which is said to become 350 million by 2050, will be a very lucrative market for gambling operators. The only thing standing in their way is the confusing law system concerning gambling that needs to be sorted out. But until that happens, the citizens of Nigeria and Ghana as well, found something else to entertain themselves and that is satellite TV.

SES has recently revealed the results of its annual Satellite Monitor survey, which were quite positive. Turns out there has been a steady increase in the penetration of satellite TV all across Africa. The TV reception also showed that there has been an increase in SES’ reach. From 33m African households in 2018 to 35m households in 2019.

For example, in Nigeria, the Satellite Monitor results revealed that satellite TV reception was the choice for 11.8 million households in 2019. This is a very steady increase if we compare the results to that of 2017. And in Ghana, the results revealed that there was a 19% increase from 2017 with a total of 4.7 million households opting for satellite TV.

In this study, we also find out that the demand for High Definition (HD) TV sets is getting bigger and bigger. They are already present in approximately 50% of Ghanian and Nigerian homes that own TVs.

Other than that, there are different TV reception modes in Nigeria and Ghana that are currently available and quite popular. Those include terrestrial, cable, and IPTV. But according to the recent study satellite TV is still gaining popularity. This is depicted by the fact that the TV reception mode of choice in both markers, with 70% of households in Ghana and 33& of those in Nigeria going for satellite TV in 2019. This is a big shift from the 2017 results which showed that only 64% of Ghanian and 27% of Nigerian households opted from satellite TV.
This survey is a great analysis of the TV market in each country it surveys and is a comprehensive assessment of the TV reception modes as well as being a benchmark for the TV and satellite industry. In 2019 Ghana and Nigeria were the main focus of the survey due to the fact that they were the most dynamic and highly penetrated in the TV markets in sub-Saharan Africa and have been getting surveyed by this company for a couple of years now.
The Vice President of Sales and Market Development for SES Video in Africa, Clint Brown commented on the results of the survey: “The results of our annual Satellite Monitor market research demonstrate that satellite continues to be the optimal infrastructure to deliver hundreds of TV channels and in high picture quality too while offering an affordable solution in the transition from analog to digital TV. Satellite Monitor findings confirm that end consumers in regions going through digital migration are satisfied with satellite TV and choosing it for its better value proposition and variety of free-to-air offerings.”

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