Nigerian Man Calls Out Lagos Police For Planting Weed in His Car And Extorting Him of N40k

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A Nigerian man simply identified on Twitter as @nifemi_fyr has accused some police officers of planting weed in his car and extorting him of N40k in Aguda area of Lagos state.

He tweeted;

phyuk @PoliceNG Your people planted weed inside my cab and extorted 40k from me and my friends. AGUDA POLICE STATION. @PoliceNG @segalink this is how people go to jail for a crime they didn’t commit.

They even beat me and handcuffed me for something I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I’m always hearing about it but TODAY i witnessed this shit with my own eyes WTF @PoliceNG YOU PEOPLE IN THE POLICE FORCE ARE DISGUSTING. This police man punched my face twice wtf

They even said if we don’t drop 50k we aren’t leaving. we’re scared and terrified we just had to beg them belle they accepted 40k and let us go. Planted weed in my car and still extorted 40k from me said we are “yahoo boys” and we are doing drugs wtf. He didn’t then smell my mouth to confirm if i was smoking or not. i hate this country .

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Very useless set of people , cruelty and wickedness in all in there DNA. 
-- taypetdun (m) at 29-06-2020 10:36PM
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Classified robbers in uniform