Mercinaries Go And Insult Linda Ikeji On Her Page And Win 50K From Me - Cubana Chief Priest

Published On: July 3, 2020, 2:49 pm (4 months ago)

Cubana Chief Priest and Aunty Linda Ikeji are allegedly not in good terms and this was confirmed after he called her on Instagram.

Here is what allegedly happened between Aunty Linda and Cubana Chief Priest according  his statement:

Posted: (4 months ago) on 3-07-2020 02:49 PM | Hero
Poor brain development leads to these sorts of  rustic attitudes. Nonsense, why not pay  the entire Nija than just  the  very few. This sickening.
Posted: (4 months ago) on 3-07-2020 03:25 PM | Upcoming
This get rich nigerian by fire by force have turn media to idot pls pls borrow some sense and idea from oprah and Bill  Gate ,and mostly grow up guys.
Posted: (4 months ago) on 3-07-2020 04:48 PM | Gistmaniac
It is very shallow and immature to engage in bullish behavior with ladies, but ladies too should beware and not take men for advantage, especially bloggers who make a living and dont care the consequence to other peoples lives
Posted: (4 months ago) on 3-07-2020 07:17 PM | Upcoming
Linda Ikeji is very quiet on her own please leave her alone
Posted: (4 months ago) on 3-07-2020 08:20 PM | Gistmaniac
Mumu people
Posted: (4 months ago) on 9-07-2020 08:03 PM | Gistmaniac