This is What Heaven Looks Like - Ghanaian Pastor Practically Shows His Members (Photos)

1 month ago by: kacy lee
-- Online (f) at 7-07-2020 10:01AM

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A pastor is going viral for showing his congregation what heaven looks like.

The Pastor while showing his members what heaven is laid leisurely on a well laid bed surrounded with all sorts of fruits to the excitement of his congregation

Then I wondered, where is the streets of gold as the bible clearly stated.

Anyways see the photos below:

-- Haso112 (m) at 7-07-2020 10:32AM
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WHAT A DOLT......!
-- fineboy77 Online (m) at 7-07-2020 11:53AM
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Na the heaven wen Ghanaians go go be dat,our own heaven cannot be imagined by man.

-- Goldtime Online (m) at 7-07-2020 12:58PM
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Hahahahaha! Another Cali ! I thought y’all grilled em properly .Dis dude trying configuring his followers to pay more tithes to da house of Gosh ! So the poor man’s wealth which is in heaven can be multiplied according to the taxes paid to church on earth . While pastor will enjoy the world but followers only saving theirs for heaven .Good job doggy .Phuck y’all
-- ikpotokin Online (m) at 7-07-2020 01:11PM
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Mumu pastor
-- maizaxx (m) at 7-07-2020 01:44PM
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Hmm why are Africans gullible???
-- collinsuchendu (m) at 7-07-2020 04:18PM
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Mumu people
-- stevogen (m) at 7-07-2020 04:43PM
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Only in Africa you get to see idiots like this man brainwashing people with low mentality and they will keep buying All these mumu movies wey he dey act, here in abroad wey I dey reside people no get much time for church activities is even more than 6 months I last went to church,even oyibo people no dey go church but them dey prosper well well but hungry people wan die inside church yeye dey smell
-- sweetypweety (f) at 7-07-2020 07:43PM
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Quote from: fineboy77 on  7-07-2020 11:53AM
Na the heaven wen Ghanaians go go be dat,our own heaven cannot be imagined by man.
Haha ah ah hahaha...... Ghanians have fish brain. Always claiming they are wise while they are d most educated illiterates in west Africa. Followed by Kenyans.