US Denied Suspected Fraudster, Hushpuppi’s Bail Attempt

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Suspected Nigerian fraudster Ramond Abbas failed to win bail in the US after his lawyers claimed his job as an Instagram celebrity paid for the $10,000 monthly rent on his luxury Dubai flat.

Mr Abbas, 37, known to millions on social media as Hushpuppi, was arrested in Dubai and taken to the US.

There he is accused of laundering millions of dollars from crimes including cyber heists, frauds and an attempt to cheat an English Premier league club out of £100 million (Dh461.1m/$125.5m).

Mr Abbas appeared by video in a Chicago court on Thursday, where his lawyers applied for him to leave jail with an electronic tag and live with the uncle of a woman with whom the Instagram star had a child, the court was told.

Prosecutors said he could commit crimes with just a smartphone and an internet connection, and that he posed too much of a flight risk.

Mr Abbas, who was identified on phone contacts with an alleged conspirator as Billionaire Gucci Master, lived in the five-star Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai, wore high-end clothing and posed with luxury cars and private jets.

He has been accused of being the money-launderer for a gang involved in hacking corporate emails and directing huge payments to accounts they controlled.

But Mr Abbas’s lawyer, Gal Pissetzky, said his client had too much to lose to flee the country.

“He is loved and respected. He is a celebrity,” he told a judge in Chicago by videolink.

“I don’t see the reason why he would want to ruin his credibility in the world and his status rather than stay here and face this allegation.

“Anywhere he goes, people will know.”

Having grown up very poor in Nigeria, Mr Abbas is now paid to pose with high-priced items such as Louis Vuitton bags that people would buy after seeing his posts on Instagram, Mr Pissetzky said.

“He is an influencer,” he said. “That’s a job today, as much as it is hard to imagine. That’s a full-time job.”

Judge Jeffrey Gilbert, denied bail for Mr Abbas, who watched proceedings from a prison video link.

Mr Gilbert said he was satisfied that Mr Abbas was a flight risk and he would remain in custody until he was taken to a court in California.

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I’m not a lawyer but taking to account this lawyer point of argument to override the law in this case is totally absurd and I don’t think anyone needs so much of a brainer to know the final verdict .He is not a US residence or does he in anyway has legal permit in the US, I wonder how he will be eligible for bail .Moreover, this is extradited case  , he actually doesn’t stand any chance of bail .Ofcourse , every sane person would admit he’s a flight risk .This guy seems don’t understand the grave consequences of his crime ,I think he’s still living in friction ,he hasn’t awaken to reality not yet .The lawyer Ofcourse will argue whatever this fraudster narrated as his story but he forgot to understand that a defense lawyer only follows the script according to the story the accuse or suspect narrated to his lawyer .U see ! To be a criminal you must u understand and accept u r a criminal  then you can have a defense lawyer defend your case with his experience and the loopholes in the law to be applied as it deemed. These guys are not seasoned or experienced in criminality but they living in the crime world ,that’s a mistake.To be a criminal u must be a gang and to be a gang u must understand the rules ,but these johnnies do not understand the street code of underground world .And when a MIFy got tied by M15 u need a criminal lawyer to confide in him or her .Dont hide a word from your lawyer ,to hide your life and your involvement from your lawyer is as same as hiding from your own shadow .Your grave is dug and u going in with your eyes wide open .Common ! U wasting your lawyer time and prolonging your judgement day .Im sure he’s telling this lawyer bull and cock story bcaz as far as I know a seasoned lawyer wouldn’t say this guy is a celebrity and promoting brand .Why would u lie to your lawyer ? U ain’t no celebrity damn swindler .The court ain’t stupid not to verify whatever u lay down as a defense exhibit or defense tools .If u say you promote brand and those brand pays you the court will invite the brand to come out and present the evidence of payment that qualified you for such extravagant living .U suck man ! U ain’t  no street smart .u got to tell your lawyer the exactly person u are
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Let him remain in prison for at least 10 years
-- collinsuchendu (m) at 14-07-2020 02:37PM
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Him go still come out
-- smart61 Online (m) at 14-07-2020 04:31PM
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He deserves every possible punishments. If he regained freedom, he will 100% go back again to fraud ways of living