Mercy EKe Fans, Mercenaries Accuse Tacha Of Stealing Her Caption After Sharing This Photo

Published On: July 28, 2020, 7:40 pm (3 months ago)
Author: onuigbo felicia

It has been lot of head over heels between Tacha Fans Called "Titans" and Mercy Eke fans called "Mercenaries" after Tacha allegdly copy Mercy Eke's caption when she shared photos of

her different shoes in which she said: "I got heels higher than your standar, which do you prefer, A, B, C".

However, Tacha made her own post with a caption saying, "Keep heels, head and standard high". But this did not go well with 'Merceneries', they had to slam tacha for making replicant of same caption

View photos below:

Posted: (3 months ago) on 28-07-2020 07:40 PM | Hero
Lazy youths
Posted: (3 months ago) on 28-07-2020 08:41 PM | Newbie
Orisirisi Bullshit
Posted: (3 months ago) on 29-07-2020 05:56 AM | Upcoming
LoL...Nigerian youths....funny! Grin
Posted: (3 months ago) on 29-07-2020 06:09 AM | Hero
See them lazy Nigeria youths
Very useless set of people
One thing I like buhari about is...he understands the nature of the country he is ruling,he fully understands that most of these useless youths doesn't deserve to be empowered cos they lack vision,they lack seriousness,they are very good in worthless and useless and immoral things expecially on Social Media.... Poverty kill una there...for them to cry out about the high rate of poverty in their country na to dey kill themselves over mercy and Tasha who has already made it in life...Fools everywhere.
Posted: (3 months ago) on 29-07-2020 08:02 AM | Gistmaniac