What Advice Can You Give To This?

Published On: August 6, 2020, 11:06 am
-- (m) at 6-08-2020 11:06AM

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A married man have a side chick which he never wanted to take serious but the girl needed to finish her education and promise the man never to share her body with any man. The married man asked the girl to tell him if she see any serious guy that come her way for advice but he won't want her to be sleeping around with every man that comes her way since he is providing most of his need which the girl promise. The man also told the girl that what most men want is sex and not relationship. So she have to carry him along so he can advice her very well. Surprisingly, not upto 3 months, the man caught the girl and still forgive her. Within one year, the man have caught her with 3 different affairs. But something happen, this same girl started dating his ex bf friend and the man notice but she lied, the man made all findings and provided the evidence to the girl and the girl accepted she was dating the his ex friend. The man made her to understand the implications of what she is doing but the girl didn't agree and the man left her. The girl planned to visit the ex bf friend which happen to be her new bf, the man travelled to stop her from going to see the new bf but the girl only spent one night with the man and travel the next day to see the new bf. Now the new bf is no longer with the girl and the girl is begging the married man to forgive her that she was blind etc and she is ready to correct all the mistakes she has done.

What advice did u have for both the married man and the girl?