Yay Or Nay?: Marriage Is Not Beneficial To Nigerian Men - Twitter User, Big Brudda Reveals

Published On: August 10, 2020, 12:16 pm
-- Online (f) at 10-08-2020 12:16PM

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A web developer with the handle @bigbrutha_ on Twitter is of the opinion that marriage is not beneficial to Nigerian men.

He said a Nigerian man gets “zero advantage” out of marriage.

He wrote:
“There is almost zero advantage a man gets from getting married (i can only think of tax cuts).

“As a nigerian “man”. There’s nothing you get when married that you cannot get as a single person.

“Maybe “respect” from elders, but money go change am.”

When asked what women benefit from marriage, he listed quite a number of things.

He wrote:

1. Citizenship

2. You cannot run for office as a single woman

3. Traditionally you cannot get a title as a single woman

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marriage is honurable in all & the bed unfulfilled , but wh*re-mongers & adulterers God will judge. marriage has no substitute. for you to say that marriage is not really beneficial you are 100 % wrong.marriage is to preserve purity in the society, for procreation etc