REVEALED: How BBNaija's Nengi Allegedly Snatched Toyin Lawani's Ex/Baby Daddy

Date: 11-08-2020 12:55 am (5 months ago) | Author: success Xenab
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Nigerian fashionista, Toyin Lawani has exposed BBNaija’s Nengi as the real runs girl in the house as she insinuates she’s her baby daddy’s ex-girlfriend.

Following the beef between big brother Naija housemate, Nengi and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, an insider has digged out some vital information why Toyin Lawani has been lashing Nengi ever since she had a fight with her housemate, Lucy.

See the post below;

I don’t want to take sides so I want you cuties to judge this fairly.

Somewhere in April 2018, Toyin Lawani’s ex/baby daddy started dating Nengi after dude had apparently told Toyin that they can’t be together but should do co-parenting for their son.

Cool, Toyin was still playing the “things will work out thing”.

On that faithful occasion, Toyin’s ex lodged into INSTANT APARTMENTS in Lekki. I gathered when Toyin got to know the man was lodging there, she called the man that she wanted to come there so they will talk. The man told her he was with his babe who was “Nengi”.

Toyin tried to push her way through but the man insisted he was there with his babe and Toyin’s present will be awkward. Toyin went as far as bribing the some of the staff at the apartment to be giving her updates on what her supposed ex that she still wanted to work things out with and his then current babe, Nengi did at every given time throughout the time Nengi and her ex stayed there.

They spent 4 days and still the man did not allow Toyin to come there. So on the fourth day when Nengi left, Toyin went in there and spent the night with “her supposed ex”.

The man still did not leave Nengi for Toyin. Since that incident, Toyin didn’t cease bullying Nengi. Unless she did not hear you are enemies with Nengi, she will start gumming you. From former hotel staff etc, I gathered Toyin even pays to get info about Nengi and also go to the extent of making he uncomfortable at every given chance.

Is this fair? Don’t you think Toyin should be blaming the man in question instead cuz see, the man even sneaked slept in the same hotel room with Toyin after his then girlfriend, Nengi had left. It’s not like Nengi took the man from Toyin. The guy went for Nengi after he said he had broken up with Toyin.

The apartment incident according to my sources was purely the man’s decision not to allow Toyin there while he was there with Nengi.

But since that incident, Toyin has made Nengi her sworn enemy and this was the genesis of their never ending war

hmmm.. Men wee disgrace you is not a lie

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