Maureen Esisi Finally Opens Up On Why Her Marriage To Actor Blossom Chukwujekwu Crashed

Published On: August 12, 2020, 3:50 pm
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Maureen Esisi, the ex-wife of Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu has finally opened up about the harsh realities she had to deal with in her marriage to the actor.

Maureen disclosed in an Instagram post that she was the last person to know about her divorce with her ex-husband as she was shocked about the whole incident. She would be 33 next month, so she took that opportunity to make a mockery of her failed marriage.

“Worst day today Work Sucked Greatly My Heart Sank too…

Weird thing is…. by this time last year.. , exactly same date and same time, my Old man broke to me the news of my marriage being over… I remember laughing for a long time, standing up from where I sat listening to him as he tried to find the best words to convey the message to me… i put both hands in my pocket and paced the room silently as he looked at me waiting on me to say something. I pondered in my head about what I had just heard, why I was the last person to know it and how in the world we got there…

African culture makes it so that the Woman must take it all in, she must understand no matter what, she must be subdued, she must never complain, she must learn to live with whatever, she must forgive even when she can’t, she must show happiness even when she is depressed, she must show strength even when she is weak…. and more

But the Man, He is allowed to NOT take shit (even the tiniest of it) He would even be Praised for it.


September 11th in View; I will be 33

I am Happier
I am at Peace
I’m stronger
I’m Richer
I’m sexier
I’m Single
I’m Free

I wasn’t Perfect, I will NEVER be… But I was His Best!

Someday, I will Tell this Story…

33 in a Bit (Exactly 1month Away”

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HIS BEST is yet to come, and coupes should not deceive themselves into thinking they can't go separate ways and be fortunate to find vetter partners who complete them more and make them happier and more fulfiling
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You’re ugly!!
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If only we can keep our personal life out of social media...I promise u, majority of the people u are telling that story to don't give a shit or whatsoever..
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