Actress Kate Henshaw Berates Those Asking Celebrities to Always Protest Against Bad Governance

Published On: September 4, 2020, 2:10 pm (2 months ago)
Author: kacy lee

Nollywood veteran, Kate Henshaw is drawing the battleline with those who are always quick to call on celebrities to protest against the government.
The movie star took to her Twitter page on Friday, September 4, 2020, where she called out those expecting celebs to fight on their behalf.

"It's been a while but you see silence sometimes gives cretins the temerity to think that because the walls are down goat fit climb house. Who are you pointing at to go fight for you?"Celebrities koor, celebrities ni. What HAVE YOU DONE?? Have you been tear gassed before?"

"You type with your phalanges and raise a crooked finger pointing at another while you lay on your backside so that what?? We ALL have to get uncomfortable and NO, we are NOT ready. So stick your opinion where the sun don't shine."

She however went to state that she won't reveal the identity of the person/people agitating for celebrities to step in and protest against the government.

Henshaw's tweets might be connected to the recent move by the federal government after it announced that it was increasing the electricity tariffs.

It didn't end there as they also announced an increase in the price of fuel.

Posted: (2 months ago) on 4-09-2020 02:10 PM | Addicted Hero
She is talking to the ever stupid Reno Omokri who was in Government with GEJ and only succeeded in aiding the looting of our treasury by the first lady and Diezani,but ever since they were pushed out of office,have turned to a keyboard warrior online,blaming BBN,celebrities and just anything that he can think of,of the problems in Nigeria.

Posted: (2 months ago) on 4-09-2020 03:54 PM | Hero
na another man pikin  dem dey send  horrid errand 
Posted: (2 months ago) on 4-09-2020 04:35 PM | Addicted Hero
Well said madam. Let everybody be the change he or she wants. You can't lay your backside on your cozy couch in your mansions and be tweeting that people should go and fight for u. If u need revolution drop your phone and come take the lead...and don't forget to come with your family members.
Posted: (2 months ago) on 4-09-2020 09:07 PM | Hero