14 Hidden Tricks In Your Phone That Will Blow Your Mind

Date: 28-09-2020 5:15 pm (3 months ago) | Author: Afolabi Adekunle
- at 28-09-2020 05:15 PM (3 months ago)
Android phones are increasingly used nowadays. Some features are developed to solve user’s daily problems but users are not aware that such features tricks exist in your phone.

These are 4 hidden tricks In your phone that you didn’t know your.
1. What do you do when you want to lend a friend or a family member phone and you don’t want them to go through your private information?

This can be solved by these hidden-phone tricks.
Screen pinning helps you to pin one application to your screen making your phone to only run that app. If one needs to get back and run other applications he/she is required to key in the screen lock code.

Screen pinning is very easy to set, go to setting, then open the security menu after that enable the screen pinning. Once you enable the feature now you are required to launch the app you want your friend to use.

Below the phone screen, you will see a square navigation button, click to open Overview. On the recently opened application, you will see a pin icon in the lower right side. then tap to pin the application to your mobile screen.

2. One-handed mode;
this feature will help you when you are typing with one hand. The feature will push the desired app to one side of the screen. To enable this mode go to setting, then advanced features, tap one-handed mode and enable.

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