“It Took Many Dying!” - Actress Kate Henshaw Reacts To The Disbandment Of SARS

Published On: October 12, 2020, 8:40 am (1 month ago)
Author: success Xenab

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw continues to actively add her voice to the movement for the scrapping of the notorious police unit, SARS, which has been accused of police brutality, murder and extortion by Nigerian youths.

Yesterday, the IGP of the Nigeria Police Force announced the disbandment and redeployment of the officers in that “tactical” unit, and many people were pleased with the update.

“It took many dying!! It took thousands raising their voice across states!! It took boots on the ground!! It took us saying enough is enough!!” said Kate Henshaw in her post, adding, “#ReformTheNigerianPolice the rot must be addressed lest it rears it’s head again!!”

And she said a lot more.

See her tweets below:

Posted: (1 month ago) on 12-10-2020 08:40 AM | Hero
I am all about the Youth party idea,lets kick all these old men into oblivion come 2023

Posted: (1 month ago) on 12-10-2020 09:32 AM | Hero