These Are The People That Still Support Buhari Despite The #ENDSARS Protests

Published On: October 21, 2020, 2:33 pm (1 month ago)
Author: kacy lee

Tens of thousands of Nigerians have been taking to the streets for more than two weeks to protest against police brutality, an exercise that seems to have fallen on deaf ears of the presidency.

Currently, Nigerian president, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) have been called upon to address the nation especially after the #LekkiMassacre last night. Nigerians and some many other nations have called out Buhari and are against his style and mode of governance.

With all that is happening in the Nigeria, President Buhari still has those who are in support of him and all that he represents.

According to a Twitter user @DjakesTudu who streamlined the categories of people who are still behind Buhari against all 'odds'

Buhari has 4 supporters left.
1. The deeply tribalistic.
2. The fanatically religious.
3. The arrogantly ignorant.
4. Beneficiaries of the govt

Posted: (1 month ago) on 21-10-2020 02:33 PM | Addicted Hero
Who knows if he still alive? His silence is worst than dead. I don't know a human being can be so hardhearted abd refuse to speak all this days! We have been living among monsters.
Posted: (1 month ago) on 21-10-2020 11:48 PM | Gistmaniac