"Soldiers Took Away Dead Bodies After Klling About 15 Civillians In Lekki" - DJ Switch (Video)

Published On: October 24, 2020, 10:47 am (4 weeks ago)
Author: Mister Jay Wonder
bohlah (m)

Nigerian multi-talented disc jockey, singer, and rapper Obianuju Catherine Udeh, popularly known as DJ Switch, claimed that about 15 people died after soldiers opened fire on unarmed protesters at Lekki Toll Gate on Tuesday, 20 October 2020.

The songwriter who went live during the shooting of #EndSARS protesters further said the bodies were taken away by the soldiers.

Obianuju’s account is the first by a witness at the scene of shooting and corroborated earlier accounts that the shooters took bodies away.

The Nigerian Army had denied any involvement in the shooting, even stating that videos showing their officers actively shooting at the protesters were photoshopped.

However, DJ Switch in a new video gave a detailed account of how soldiers stormed the venue accompanied by SARS officials.

She also revealed bullets picked at the scene, pointing out particularly to one that would’ve hit her and another removed from someone’s thigh.

“My life was being threatened for speaking up but I just want to clear a few things that I’ve been seeing online. To our leaders, I urge you please do not minimize the suffering of families.

“Do not insult the grief of Nigerians, do not insult the intelligence of Nigerians. Do not insult the pain that families are facing. People were falling left and right.

“Yes, there were soldiers there. Another part that people are not really talking about. The police also came, the SARS people we’re talking about also came minutes after the soldiers left. They were tear-gassing. It’s like Cotonou pepper. Our coconut head generation. They will run and they will come back.

“They switched off the lights and it was pitch black. While the soldiers were running around and picking their shells, we were running around and picking their shells too. The police and SARS were also there, aiming and shooting. Who takes life bullets to a protest? Who does that?”

“Something I think about now, with hindsight, which I wished we hadn’t done was carrying dead bodies and dropped at the feet of soldiers so that they could see what they did to us,”
she added.

“When I asked their unit commander or something ‘why are you killing us’? I wish we didn’t do that because they ended up throwing the dead bodies inside their vans. This continued until the next morning.”

She also urges other celebrities and people with parody account in her name in order to gain followership to desist from spreading rumours.

“It is already hard as it is, people put their lives on the line to get me out of a place I called my home, please stop saying things you don’t know, I understand things are hard but at least copy the truth.

“I never said 72 people died, I don’t know that, but what I do know is that when I was doing the live video, seven people have died, when my phone died we had counted about 15 people, I don’t know if it was more than that.”

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Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 24-10-2020 10:47 AM | Addicted Hero
dem go dey find this girl up and down, make she come to my house! i have an underground stay place...
Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 24-10-2020 04:52 PM | Addicted Hero
In a place where  people can put on fake military fatigues and also have access to guns anyhow  including those ones stolen from officers of either the army but especially the police . it is hard to put the blame of what happened on Nigerian soldiers for that incidence but probably advanced thugs who had access to fake uniforms and weapons .  DJ-Switch also remarked that  45 minutes after the soldiers rampage the SARS officers also came shooting in the air .  Which SARS from which area is yet to be clearly defined because the Same SARS had been disbanded so until the panel sits down to thouroughly investigate what really happened its  hard to come to any conclusion on this matter .    Many people are disgruntled because of havoc wreaked on their businesses and livelihood  many politicians who may also have thugs working for them may be vexed because  they are being targeted and as we know  . when we fight corruption .   Corruption fights back   another dimension to the story is that there are groups waiting on the sideline to cause  massive chaos and commotion that could lead to sending the country ablaze as a prelude to disintegration or dissolution of the federal alliance . Meanwhile the Nigerian Army has disclaimed ownership of that ugly incidence  We are now asking who could have ordered the senseless shooting at Peaceful protesters??  Only time will tell the true story if any

Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 25-10-2020 06:54 AM | Gistmaniac
honestly this babe not minding the safety of her life anymore

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