"They Don’t Know Your Story So Don’t Let Them Tell You Your Final Chapter" - Regina Daniels

Published On: October 30, 2020, 1:05 am (3 weeks ago)
Author: success Xenab

Popular Nollywood actress and billionaire’s wife, Regina Daniels has once again taken over social media with her new post.

The 20 year old actress who’s always in the news for marrying a man old enough to be her father has advised her fans not to allow people and critics tell them their final chapter.

According to her, no one knows your story so never give them the chance to criticise you.

Sharing a very captivating photo of herself she wrote;

“They don’t know your story so don’t let them tell you your final chapter”

Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 30-10-2020 01:05 AM | Hero
 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 30-10-2020 05:02 AM | Gistmaniac
Her story na known public matter, it is POVERTY & DESPERATOION, her mother sold her to an old dirty fart grand pa for money, is the story but even many who are poor or comfortable are not so desperate. So pls let people stop using rubbish as excuse and standard, any father with pride will use cutlass to chase away such a dirty old man with all his billions to think he can buy his daughter or even a young man, it is an insult, every father with pride will focus on his child's empowerment, send her to school, make her have a skill, help and guide her to explore business, own her own properties even when married etc. God forbid this kind of arrangement for any girl or my daughters, God forbid, and it will never happen to my daughters in jesus name, cus i will not be poor and desperate. A GIRL THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN SCHOOL, IS MARRIED TO AN OLD GRNAD PA AND A MOTHER, AND YALL ACTING LIKE ITS COOL? Which father can face his friends and mates by inviting them to the marriage of his daughter to a man old enough to be his own father as one of his wives, GOD FORBID, I REJECT IT. How do we know that he is not using those young girls virginity and youth for money ritual and to extend his life like Oshibaba? But I understand if some girls prefer to marry an old rich man who may last 20 years than marry a young poor guy who is not serious, but does that mean those girls should not go to school, empower themselves and live off the old man? Such sacrifice is great, the bad smells, the snores, I don’t pray such for any young girl, money is not everything. So it depends on your situation and pride.
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 30-10-2020 08:23 AM | Upcoming
Na so some go dey do ashewo work, they sell themsleves to men to get by which i do not judge, but they then deceive others that it is hard work and hustling, tell them to work hard and when their hustling is men, i expect such people to be quiet, not come out in public to boast about that which is not right and true for any woman or girl child to go through.
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 30-10-2020 08:25 AM | Upcoming
chai.. Regina is looking as good as she used to look.. when one start posting this kind messages there might be fire on the mountain... hope she is fine sha

Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 30-10-2020 09:21 AM | Addicted Hero
the old man
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 1-11-2020 04:46 AM | Newbie