Reactions As Lady Who Has No Plan of Marrying Shows Off a Wedding Dress She Bought For N10k

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A lady who is single without any plans for wedding has taken to the internet to flaunt a wedding dress she bought for $20, which is about N10,000 in Nigerian currency.

Taking to a Wedding Facebook group, the woman showed much excitement about the purchase and it didn’t take long before other members began to celebrate with her

The woman wrote on a Facebook group:

“Found my future wedding dress today. I fell in love with this dress and couldn’t pass it up. It was only $20 and it fits perfectly.”

Facebook users commented after she posted pictures of herself looking wonderful in white. A number of people said they envied her

But things took a turn after she admitted that she isn’t even engaged even though she has her wedding dress ready.

She came clean after getting some congratulatory messages.

She said she bought the dress in preparation for what might lay ahead, not for any time soon.

She posted: “Thank you for the congratulations! I’m not actually getting married yet, but you know… Someday.”

Someone commented, saying that whoever is dating the woman should “run for the hills.”

One user wrote: “I like the dress for like a simple low budget beach wedding type thing, but to buy a dress without having a wedding planned (or mans for all we know) is odd.”

“Wait…not getting married yet but owns a dress?” questioned another.

One person commented: “Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that she’s not even getting married?”

Another agreed, saying:

This is how you scare away any potential future partner. Man, woman, non binary, all of the above or fluid. Lady, you’re TERRIFYING.”

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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes madness
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Na her own wahala be that
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