Epoxy Floor design in Nigeria. The New Evolution to flooring system In Nigeria.

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Epoxy Floor design in Nigeria. The New Evolution to flooring system for family home, office and industry In Nigeria.

Since the last decade Epoxy flooring as been  growing in popularity with both residential and commercial owners. Why is that? It’s due to how versatile of a coating epoxy are often .

There are not any limits to and plenty of various things you'll do with concrete surfaces. There’s almost no limitation in terms of styles when it involves doing epoxy and floor coating, there’s always a design option (or no design) for the sort of flooring you would like to coat.

From the kitchen to the garage (Epoxy garage floor are very fashionable and that we recommend polyurea floor), passing by familial spaces.

Clear Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy floor
Solid Epoxy
3D Epoxy floor
Care to find out more about them? determine everything there's to understand about epoxy flooring with the assistance of our flooring experts.

Basement & Loft

Commercial Epoxy Flooring
It’s an equivalent for commercial or industrial flooring spaces, too. you'll have a gorgeous epoxy flooring during a restaurant or maybe during a mercantile establishment . Since epoxy is durable, resistant, and easy-care, it's a perfect flooring solution practically everywhere.

However, it should be noted that not all kinds of epoxy are appropriate to all or any floors. There are differing types of epoxy floor coatings, different manufacturers of epoxy, and differing types of installation of epoxy. There are differing types of epoxy flooring, some are more adapted to space than another.

The Different sorts of Epoxy Coatings
Clear epoxy may be a sort of coating that works well in commercial spaces also as garages, be they residential or commercial. We highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to find a durable floor with a timeless design. Its classic style adapts perfectly to any environment.

Furthermore, the clear coating enhances the natural great thing about concrete. Many residential owners choose clear epoxy for his or her familial spaces or their garage. This material is additionally known for its durability, resistance, and the way easy-care it's .
Metallic Epoxy flooring may be a coating that makes beautiful, unique floors. This material is understood for its modern style, and therefore the finishes go from mat to gloss, counting on your choice. it's also offered in several colours, so you'll easily adapt it to any decor. it's ideal for residential and commercial owners trying to find a highly stylish and modern floor.

Like any epoxy flooring, it's durable, resistant, and straightforward care. We highly recommend epoxy coating for kitchens, retail stores, and boutiques. This coating will confirm to offer a moment WOW effect to anyone who sees it.
When it involves versatility, no coating has solid epoxy beat. Epoxy is understood for its rock-solid durability, but what makes the charm of this coating is how you'll use it. This epoxy flooring is obtainable during a big variety of colors and may be added almost anywhere. it's also offered during a large selection of designs and finishes, which allows you to customize your floor to your preferences.

What is a 3D floor?
A 3D floor consists of a three-dimensional image that's coated with resin . so as to realize a sensible effect, the image must have the very best possible resolution, i.e. a particular size. If the Epoxy Floor 3D has been laid correctly, a photorealistic 3D effect is made for the viewer.

Which picture you select may be a matter of taste. in theory , almost any design are often chosen for a 3D floor – the most thing is that the resolution and angle are right. There are companies that only offer their own pictures for laying a floor, and there also are companies which will allow you to use your own pictures. As a do-it-yourselfer, you've got the likelihood to settle on the one that suits you best from a spread of images .

At Showbest home and Interior design Our experts highly recommend using epoxy on any floor inside your residence. it's also a superb choice for retail stores, restaurants, or business owners who want to possess a floor that shows their brand’s colours.
Kitchen Epoxy Floor:
Discover the various properties of epoxy that make it a perfect coating to hide your kitchen floor.

Variety of colours – The range of colors offered is nearly infinite. you'll easily match your floor cover together with your furniture, also like the colour of your kitchen walls and ceiling.
Limited maintenance- you'll only need a mop, water and soap to wash your floor. Since the kitchen is one among the busiest rooms in your home and doubtless one among the very best risk areas for damage, it's essential that it's easy to take care of .
Stain Resistant – Epoxy coating is impervious to all or any the food stains you'll consider . you'll even let children cook without fear about your floor!
Adhesion to all or any surfaces- Resin can cover concrete, old tiles and even wood flooring , while still remaining level.
Waterproofing – Epoxy coating is waterproof and resists small splashes from dishes or major water damage.
Unique design- The uniform surface of the epoxy will give your kitchen a clean, aesthetic and modern look. This coating is out there during a matte or glossy finish, counting on your preferences.
Durability – Epoxy is one among the foremost durable surfaces, with a lifespan of over 30 years.
Quick installation – Your new floor are going to be installed during a few days, allowing you to quickly resume your daily activities within the kitchen.

Basement and Lofts:
The basement may be a a part of the house that has certain peculiarities, like a robust presence of humidity. you want to therefore take this under consideration when choosing the siding to put in within the basement since poor insulation in your basement floor can create an uncomfortable climate.

The basement floor is right for isolating moisture, unlike other coverings like carpets, which may grow bacteria and mold. additionally to providing a clean and attractive finish, concrete basement floors are easy to wash . For long-lasting work, choose a concrete basement floor!

Recently, there's a robust trend within the construction world: lofts. In every neighborhood, there's the transformation of a former factory, school, or church into condominiums. then much the higher . during this way, we preserve the built heritage that creates the charm of our neighborhoods.

Fortunately, of these constructions have solid concrete floors that provide excellent soundproofing. There also are the basements of homes that provide tons of potentials to become beautiful and well-decorated family rooms where it'll be good to receive friends.

Covering these surfaces with floating flooring, engineered wood or carpet may be a mistake in our opinion. Before making such a choice , you ought to know that having concrete floors is a chance which there are other solutions that are far more trendy like clear epoxy or metallic epoxy finishes.

Office Epoxy Floor:
t’s time to offer your office floor a makeover reception or at work? Start the method by determining: your budget, your aesthetic preferences, and therefore the features you're trying to find during a floor cover for this sort of room.

Which floor cover do you have to choose for your office floor?

100% solid epoxy, clear epoxy, and metallic epoxy provide you with three different finishes that allow you a spread of possibilities in terms of customization. However, these coatings have an equivalent functional properties:

The uniform surface requires limited maintenance and is extremely easy to wash .

Coatings provides a glossy finish, but its composition makes the surface non-slip.

They have a high level of mechanical and chemical resistance.

The waterproof surface provides total protection against water infiltration and limits the event of mold

Bathroom Epoxy Floor:
Before undertaking a serious project like transforming your bathroom, have you ever considered all the choices available to you for covering your floor?

There are many coverings to avoid for rooms like the toilet where the danger of stains, water infiltration, and premature wear and tear is high. So be judicious in your choice!

This type of covering is immune to all kinds of dirty stains and is straightforward to wash . It also features a high resistance to water infiltration, which makes it a #1 choice for wet areas where the danger of splashes is high, like within the bathroom.

Bedroom Epoxy Floor:
Do you want to offer a singular style to your room? choose a typical epoxy or metallic epoxy floor cover . Epoxy may be a material that's becoming more and more popular within the heart of Nigerian homes. It allows you to differentiate yourself by displaying a contemporary design while presenting several advantageous functional characteristics.

By installing epoxy siding in your room, you'll provides it a chic look. Its smooth and glossy finish.

Epoxy flooring for commercial projects
For your commercial space floor, At showbest Home and Interior design we provide you our 100% solid colored epoxy coatings. Whether it's for a mercantile establishment , a warehouse store, or a big-box store, this solution is right . Your customers are going to be delighted to enter your business with a gorgeous floor coated in your colors. This flooring is obtained by also grinding the surface to make sure good adhesion. Afterward, we apply two coats of 100% solid colored epoxy.

Need Help together with your Floor? Contact Showbest Home and Interior Design.
Our team has quite numbers of  years  experience in coating floors. regardless of the size of your project, we are up to the challenge. we provide all of those epoxy flooring systems, which are perfect for garage floors and exterior flooring.

Our floors also are 100% compliant with the national code . we provide you unmatched customer service, unparalleled peace of mind, and flawless results.

If you've got any questions concerning an epoxy floor coatings project, don't hesitate to contact us at Showbest Home And interior Design! Our experts put their expertise at your service with great pleasure.

Epoxy flooring has several advantages. it's quick and straightforward to put in . because of regular routine maintenance, your floors will always stay nearly as good as new. Epoxy concrete floors are sealed during a liquid-tight manner.

Epoxy coating is an efficient system to guard porous concrete from splashes. An epoxy coating is waterproof and sturdy , immune to liquids that might otherwise seep into cracks and other hazardous areas of the concrete floor below. and since the surface is smooth and homogeneous, epoxy makes it easier to mop up puddles and other dirt which will occur.

Epoxy has long been the simplest solution for durable garage flooring. But did you recognize that you simply also can use epoxy in your home? Not only is it possible, but epoxy can have amazing leads to kitchens, basements, driveways, and far more.

Epoxy floors are very resistant, they typically resist 30 years with regular residential traffic. The performance of the ground depends on the way you preserve the surface.
Yes, Epoxy is sweet for your home. It’s easy to take care of and to stay clean. It’s also very durable and really safe. It gives your floor an awesome look.

An epoxy coating can provide a protective and aesthetic layer to any pave such as:

Comparing epoxy floor price with tiles are totally different, because epoxy is more quality than tiles and its beauty is far better than tiles so likewise the price is a little higher than tiles.

Yes, epoxy floors are totally worthwhile . An epoxy floor can increase the worth of your property, is straightforward to take care of , and provides your floor a singular and delightful look. It’s also popular due to its resistance to water and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it’s very durable.

HOW TO FIND EPOXY FLOOR COATINGS EXPERTS? you'll contact us at Showbest home interior design for your perfect installation of Epoxy flooring we promise to make your project the best you ever had.

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