Giving Someone A Gift? Here Are 11 Important Things To Consider When Getting A Gift For Someone

Date: 26-01-2021 10:03 am (2 months ago) | Author: Emmanuel Adelusola
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Getting a gift for someone is one of the hardest decision for almost everybody, irrespective of your relationship with the person, be it your partner, boy/girl-friend, colleague, parent, sibling, et cetera.

Gifts are one the ways we show people that we care about them and that they are important to us, so the kind of gifts you get might be synonymous to how important they are to you. Your gift might not be expensive because the cost is not a measure of their importance to you. Before you get a gift for someone, there are some important things to consider.

Here are 11 important things to consider before getting a gift for someone.

1. Consider your relationship
You should always consider your relationship with the person whether the relationship is formal or casual. For close relations like friendships or sibling relationships, you can choose to give anything you wish or desire to present. On the other hand, for formal relationships like bosses or teachers, gifts shouldn’t be too personal. Stationery items, flowers are the best ones for this kind of relations.

2. Consider the occasion
A gift should be gotten according to the occasion. Different gifts for different occasions, for example, the best gifts to give on a birthday is something like a cake or a bouquet of flowers but proposals or Valentine’s Day  require something like red roses, rings or customized gifts.

3. Consider their age

This is very essential, it would be disappointing for an adult or teen to receive a child gift and vice-versa. Always get someone that is relatable to the person’s age.

4. Consider their personal needs
If you are choosing a gift for someone on a tight budget, it’s nice to give them something that they need, but to splurge on the quality or quantity. For example, if your friend is a chocoholic, then the best gift for him/her would be chocolates. Similarly, if your mom is in love with home décor, then the best gift for her would be some ravishing décor items.

5. Appliances don’t always score
 A good basic rule of thumb is that if the gift is primarily used to serve people other than the recipient, then don’t get it. This is true even if the person will also benefit. An example would be a blender or vacuum. It can be argued that these things are needs that should be purchased and used as such, not purchased and wrapped.

6. Don’t Buy a Gift that the Person Already Has? Check with Him/Her Before You Do So

Many do this a lot, they buy a gift a person already has before.To avoid such mistake, you can check with the person before buying the gift. It may sound a bit impolite to ask about that directly, especially if the person is a distant relation. In this case, the best option is to go for evergreen gifts like flowers, cakes, chocolates, body mists, etc.

7. Don’t Follow The Crowd
Don’t get a gift for a person because every other people are getting that exact gift. Instead, do a little research and get a gift that the person interested in. If your research led you to know what he/she needs, nothing could be better.

8. Always Remove the Price Tag 
You should never make a person know the cost of the gift in material terms. It is indeed an impolite gesture. So make sure you remove the price tag before packing the gift. Your gift should be valuable to the recipient in terms of thoughts, not money.

9. Try To Customize The Gift

Always try to customize your gift, to show how thoughtful you have been while picking it up. For example, in case you are presenting a birthday cake, go for a photo cake rather than an ordinary one.

10. Include a Message
Make sure to include a personalized note in the gift. A gift along with a message is a sign of care.

11. Try To Package It Well
The first thing a person sees in a gift is the packaging. Until you wrap or package the gift properly, your present has not received a complete finish. Remember to gift a sober yet safe packaging considering the contents of the gift.

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