Governor Ortom Warns Herdsmen To Respect Benue Laws Or Go To Bauchi State And Carry AK47

Date: 22-02-2021 6:37 pm (2 months ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
- at 22-02-2021 06:37 PM (2 months ago)

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has issued a stern warning to herdsmen in the state, asking them to abide by the laws of the land or go to Bauchi state to carry their AK47 guns.

His comment comes a week after the Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed, defended herdsmen who go about carrying AK47.

According to governor Bala, the herdsmen are always armed with AK47 because society and the government are not protecting him.

Speaking at a function in the state today, February 22, Governor Ortom said;

''Nigeria is not governed anyhow. It is not a banana republic. It is governed by the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria. The constitution gives power to our governors in all the 36 states to preside over the land of their state on behalf of the people and they only people who can give allocation and permit people to stay where they are.

And so bandits cannot find a forest and come in to hide under living in that forest. I want to tell those terrorist Fulani men. They should not come to Benue state. They should go to Bauchi and stay with him.

Benue state is governed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Benue state also has laws guiding them. So once you are a Fulani man and you come with legitimate papers , you are free to stay in benue state and do business according to the laws of our land. Anyone who is not willing to respect the laws of our land should go and meet Bala Mohammed and then there you can carry AK47.''

Posted: at 22-02-2021 06:37 PM (2 months ago) | Hero
- christiano10 at 22-02-2021 09:53 PM (2 months ago)
How i wish all the governors of middle belt and the South will join hands together and take a bold step like this, then match their words with action, am sure this Fulani terrorists madness will minimise drastically.
Posted: at 22-02-2021 09:53 PM (2 months ago) | Upcoming
- kingoflion1 at 23-02-2021 04:17 PM (2 months ago)
Yes i concur dear Governor Ortom. Anywhere the security men in Benue  state sees those fulani bandit, they should shoot at site. Forget about those foolish governors in the Easter Region, Our able Son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have taken care of the needs of the Eastern states since we have women as governors there. Thank you for standing like a man to shield your people. Only Ayodele Fayose was the reliable governor in the west when he was in power.
Posted: at 23-02-2021 04:17 PM (2 months ago) | Newbie