US Based Lady Gives Reasons Why Living In Nigeria Is Better Than Living In The States

Date: 06-04-2021 2:16 pm (2 months ago) | Author: Giwa bayo
- at 6-04-2021 02:16 PM (2 months ago)

A woman who is based in the united states took to Facebook to share her point of view on why living in Nigeria is way better than living abroad, she gave a few points about bills like, phone bills, insurance, and saving for the future. Read her post below:

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- Willy002 at 6-04-2021 03:42 PM (2 months ago)
Quote from: Henry7880 on  6-04-2021 03:05 PM
They will not listen and even If they do, they won't understand until they find themselves here. Living in  America is not bad of Rose's. The system will force you to grow older quickly because of hard work.

This is my monthly Bill
1. Car note : $420
2. Rent.       : $1600
3. Light.      : $ 180
4. Water.    :  $70
5. Covered parking: $10
6. Trash disposal:    $ 5
7. Car insurance :    $ 80
8. Health insurance $ 240
9. Phone bill.            $ 90
10. Gas                     $ 180
       Total.            ( $2875.00 )
This must be paid monthly.
Now somebody will say yeah they pay you when you work. That's correct but what of when your body is sick that you just want to relax at home . You relax in your own pocket. Your vacation is from your pocket. Your maternity is from your pocket.
Just like in nigeria when some government workers will claim they are sick, they stay at home for one week and still get paid, not in united states.
Abroad is not heaven .

Pls come back home and feel the heat. Stop saying what you don’t know jare my friend
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- angesco at 6-04-2021 07:31 PM (2 months ago)
It’s called paying TAX.

And TAX is used to run a country.

We don’t pay TAX in Nigeria. Hence we LACK the simple things of life.

She should come back to the land of her birth.

I’m sure the Americans will be happy to see another IMMIGRANT going home!!
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- mgiwa6 at 6-04-2021 08:45 PM (2 months ago)
Living in Nigeria is NOT Better than the States! The average life expectancy in Nigeria is 61yrs while America is 79 yrs. Plus, it depends on how your immigration status and how you plan/manage your life in America. You are most likely to die of simple illness or traffic accident in Nigeria than America.
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- gogoman at 6-04-2021 09:40 PM (2 months ago)
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mmmmmm na true but me i no dey go naija  Grin Grin Grin
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