Drugs Is Responsible For Rich Folks Going Crazy Not Witchcraft – Dencia

Date: 17-04-2021 10:53 am (1 month ago) | Author: Abasiodu Sunday
- at 17-04-2021 10:53 AM (1 month ago)

Popular socialite Dencia has shared that drugs are the major reason why a lot of rich people go crazy at some point in their life and not witchcraft as believed by a lot of Africans. The beauty entrepreneur shared this via her Instagram story.

She explained that not everyone belongs to a secret sector or engaged in money rituals as a lot of them have had to deal with serious mental health problems and then they do drugs which eventually drives them crazy.

Recall that a few days ago the singer fired a troll who says Africans will sell the Twitter HQ set up in Ghana if put in top positions. She mentioned that the problem of the average black man is that he looks down on his own person. She noted that Africans think so low of themselves & of each other.

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