Television As A Contributor To The Socialization Of Children

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The effect of television on the audience especially in children have seen the subject of a great deal of research and have for need out to be a matter of deep concern ever since the shift expansion of television in the 1950s. new intervention and innovations such as cable networks, the internet shop screens, in recent times, have further complicated the issue because children have at their disposal all sort of movies and musical programme to select from at will.
          A general motion strongly held by observers and analyze alike shows clearly that despite the medium tremendous impact on education, information and entertainment, the viewers most times run the risk of being transformed into a violent generation thereby producing sex maniacs and monsters who generally assume a wrapped standard of conduct, rape and use of foul languages including notorious western habits were pat of the social vices that have formed the lives of these children as a result of indiscriminate television viewing. It was noted that “Children have the capacity to give themselves over completely to the world created by the pictorial media. Such intense involvement often leads to strong emotional responses.
          In times past, experiments have been carried out aimed at observing and measuring behaviors of the audience after watching a programme. In 1974, some experts were able, through their laboratory experiments to show that their exists a positive causal relationship between watching violent portrays on television and levels of aggressiveness in individuals viewers.
           A look at all these researcher, students and experiment would clearly reveal that the scholar are basically interested in looking at television as a positive contributor to the socialization of the children in the audience

Statement Of Problem

Considering that a lot of research has been done on the effect of television on children, these researchers have mostly dwelt on the negative effect of television viewing and have drawn the inference that television is a negative contributor to the socialization of children.
      This study is basically interested in highlighting the ways in which television viewing can aid and enhance the process of socialization of children in our society. This of course does not totally over rule the fact that the medium does not in some ways or cases actually contribute to socialization.
 The problems therefore is to investigate whether television viewing after all contributes positively to the socialization of children.

 Objectives Of The Study
The objectives of this study is multi-facted. The study is first of all aimed at establishing the fact that the vertical theory of mass communication which suggests that the audience is a “Mass of  disconnected  individual” looked up to the media with instance powerful effect, has become obsolete in the world of communication.
          Children are not, by any stretch of imagination sponges indiscriminately soaking up any things and every thing they see or hear. This study will assess the situation that television broadcasting and media values generally are under going a steady self examination and revision towards a more responsible definition of what interests the children on our society. This study will show that the main effect of television is one of the socialization that aids in cultivation of stability and tranquility. This, of course is not with other major cultural institutions and agents of socialization. But the television gives credibility and potency to other medium of communication and can match through its ability to reach both literate and illiterate audience and its unique blend of auditory and visual impact. It is expected that at the end, this study would enable and encourage planners to consider the structure of their programmes and organize to suit and enhance the process of socialization of children.
          Finally, the work will enable the national Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to properly regulate and check certain programmes that may be harmful to children and also call to book the television establishment that would violate the standards set by the commission.
          It is with earnest viewers that when this is completed, television viewers in Enugu and  indeed Nigeria, especially children will tap the benefit inherent in this wonderful and dynamic medium.

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