Many Mothers Don't Scold Their Daughters For Sleeping With Married Men As Long They Bring Money

Date: 01-06-2021 11:50 am (1 month ago) | Author: Giwa bayo
- at 1-06-2021 11:50 AM (1 month ago)

A Nigerian woman has slammed mothers who encourage their daughter’s promiscuous lifestyle, as she accuses them of playing a role in modern day prostitution. She explained that most women know that their daughter’s are low key prostitutes and even know the men and married men they sleep with, but don’t care so long the daughters bring money home.

The woman wonders why a mother will not quiz her young daughter who brings home an expensive phone or expensive dress when she fully know her daughter doesn’t have a legit financial means to buy such items.

She disclosed that many parents put the financial burden of the family on their daughters by reminding them of expired house rents, no food at home, even when they are aware their daughter is not doing anything, because they expect her to do whatever to get money from men

In her words; ”One day we will discuss of the role many parents play in modern day prostitution. Many women know their daughter sleep around for money. Some even know the married man she sleeps with(many girls are that close with their mum), they don’t care as far as she’s bringing money home.

20 year old in YabaTech comes home with phone of 400-500k & instead of asking questions parents go de pose for picture? One girl I know was going to see abroad returnee for genital collision. Her mum agreed to help her lie to real boyfriend, that her phone fell inside water…real boyfriend even sent money for another phone. Many girls on this app their parents complain to them about family needs like house rent, expecting them to do something about it, even when her parents know she’s not earning. One asked her daughter “Don’t u have boyfriends?”

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Na this type dem naira marley dey talk about. Dem full everywhere.
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This is actually true, most of these girls are forced to do immoral things because of family problems, wey no dey ever finish.
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