No Man And Woman ‘Besties’ Without S3x” In Africa - Actress, Princess Exposes

Date: 14-06-2021 7:49 am (1 month ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
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Popular Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle has caused an uproar on social media as she throws in her weight on a delicate controversial topic pertaining to a man and a woman being “besties” without sex.
The black ebony actress has disclosed that there’s nothing like a man and a woman being best of friends without having sex with each other, especially in Africa.

Shyngle has further talked about her experience with a young man disguised as her best friend as she disclosed that they had sex without interruption and guilt although they each had someone they were committed to in a relationship.

Here’s what she wrote;
“There is no such thing as a man and a woman being besties
It does not exit especially in Africa it’s either they’re sleeping together or one is crushing on the other ee.
Unless the guy is 100% gay .

The first man 1 ever got married to was my bestie for over 10 years and throughout that 10 years every time I see him we fu.k. He had a girl and I had a man but that didn’t stop us.

Do y’all agree with me on this one.. As for me there is no way in hell I will let my man have a female bestie, cuz I remember when I was forming bestie with someone for 10 years and his girl believed it she would actually let us hangout and chill and my man at the time also believed it and 10 years later we got married I can imagine what is going through their mind now… all my life I’ve tried having a male bestie but all want to smash at some point……… long story short never encourage or entertain your partner being bestie and sharing bed , taking trips with the opposite sex because they’re definitely fc.king oh unless he’s gay typo with exit I meant exist my English teachers don’t come for me

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Speak for yourself woman, you can be friends with the opposite sex without sleeping with each other. It's called self worth, not every girl falls at the sight of a naked man.
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Idiot fellow. That's how you have been sleeping with all ur males friend. Dog!!!!!!!!
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