Senator Urhoghide Reveals That Civil Servants Steal Nigeria’s Wealth Not Politicians

Date: 18-06-2021 12:06 pm (1 month ago) | Author: CLARA JANCITA
- at 18-06-2021 12:06 PM (1 month ago)

The senator representing Edo South in the Red Chamber, Mathew Urhoghide has said that Nigeria’s wealth is being stolen by civil servants and not politicians as widely believed.

Urhoghide made this comment in a recent interview with Roots TV monitored by POLITICS NIGERIA. He said that civil servants(accounting officers) are responsible for siphoning and embezzling huge sums of public funds.

“Everybody believes that any evil thing that happens in Nigeria is politicians of the political class but when you keep telling them that all the political parties including membership and everything, we are not up to 10% of our population.

“We do not form the majority of our population but findings that we have seen, the wealth stolen, the wealth of the public, the wealth of the citizens, the wealth in our system is not stolen by politicians. From our findings, look at the billions and billions we are talking about, tell me the politician that has that kind of money to steal at once.”

“Chief Executives, Accounting officers, when you say accounting officers, it’s ministries. We are not talking of ministers, we are talking of permanent secretaries. We believe there is no how money can be misappropriated by the minister without the connivance of the account officer who is the permanent secretary.”

“Nigerians must know that the greatest misuse of public funds comes from people within the bracket of the civil service”
, he said.

Posted: at 18-06-2021 12:06 PM (1 month ago) | Hero
- DMG17 at 18-06-2021 12:11 PM (1 month ago)
As smart as you are, what is the difference between a civil servant and a politician? Don't deceive yourself man.
Posted: at 18-06-2021 12:11 PM (1 month ago) | Gistmaniac
- constigoldo at 18-06-2021 12:26 PM (1 month ago)
Like seriously?  Why have you politicians not agreed to slash your allowances.  Apart from the allowances, politicians steal from different angles; that is why they kill to get and remain in office. But my message to all of you is that you should not forget that God is watching and will judge everyone..  Everything will not end here on earth, you have query to answer before God.
Posted: at 18-06-2021 12:26 PM (1 month ago) | Gistmaniac
- Kormeijama at 18-06-2021 01:51 PM (1 month ago)
The first time a living  politician has said the salient truth. In Africa, the civil service is the citadel of  the sustained corrupt practices that  is killing the  continent.  The civil service is the killing machine. Unfortunately, its the very thieves that cry foul in public about  thieving. . Kudos to you Mr Senator.
Posted: at 18-06-2021 01:51 PM (1 month ago) | Upcoming
- gogoman at 18-06-2021 03:02 PM (1 month ago)
oH, shut up silly monkey!!  I'm sure your family are proud of you  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 18-06-2021 03:02 PM (1 month ago) | Addicted Hero