Excited Rapper Eva Alordiah, Shares Her Experience After Using a Vibrator For The First Time

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Popular Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah has shared her first experience after using a Dildo and how she has come to love using the sex toy.

Taking to her social media page, Eva said her first time walking into a sex shop was in London many years ago and that she felt a certain type of way when she walked into the shop and saw the different array of Dildos in the shop.

Eva said her first time using a Dildo wasn’t great but that she now loves the experience.

Her post reads;

”I still remember when I got my first Vibrator like it was yesterday

It was my first time in London and I was walking happily down the busy streets enjoying the view.

People all over the place, shoppers, tourists, business people on the go.

It was all brand new for me and I was soaking it in, enjoying every damn moment as a JJC in London.

Then I stopped at a roadside waffle truck and that’s when I saw it from across the street.

Big bright dancing lights all across the door of the store. Big flashy neons and reds with photos of Nood women and a big bold sign that said “SEX TOY SHOP”

I was like “Whaaaaaa??!!!

I knew I had to check it out!
I left the guy selling the waffles, told him I’d be back and began to walk briskly into the sex shop.

My legs felt heavy the entire walk across the streets.

I wanted to turn back around and mind my business.

But I also knew I had to see the inside of a real phyuking sex shop!

Once in, with my palms sweaty and my knees quaking, I was immediately greeted by a big chesty guy who said to me,

“What size would you like? What’s your preference?”

Girl! One look at the shelves and I was dazed!

All shapes and sizes of Vibrators, in as many races as possible. It was shocking to me that this store was right there!

In broad daylight!

And I was inside!!!

I ended up buying a tiny little bullet of vibrator just because I’d have hated for the man to see me as a window-shopper.

Did I enjoy the vibrator on my first try?

Hell to the phyuking no!

Do I love having vibrators now that I am in my 30s and wiser?

Absolufcking Yes!!

There’s so much good that can come from having a Vibrator. Turn on my post notifications so you don’t miss my next post!

What about you?

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Well done
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