Discover 14 Ways To Keep Your Spouse Forever

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Wow! You're the proud owner of that handsome man who you've always dreamed of having.He's yours for keeps and he will never dream of leaving you for another woman because he loves you without reservation.While we hope for the best for couples,we may at times wonder;will the relationship be happy?Will it last forever?This informative article provides time-tested hints on how you can keep your spouse forever.

There is hardly any woman who does not want the best for herself and her spouse.Almost every woman wants the good life and every other thing that could make their relationship blissful.The truth is that men like to be taken care of and if you want them to stay with you ,there are certain things you have to do.

#1.Do Not Keep Your Thoughts And Feelings Hidden:Let your man know what you think and how you feel about an issue.Keeping quiet and acting like nothing's wrong has never done any party any good.If you don't like sex,let him know about it, but also tell him what things he could do to make things better.If you don't like the way he touches your Bosom  ,tell him and then show him how he can do it to give you maximum satisfaction.Never assume that your husband knows exactly what to do and how you feel at all times.

#2.Look Good Always For Him:This is every important hint every lady has to take heed to.Despite the fact that your spouse has vowed to stay with you till death do you part does not mean you should turn yourself into a filthy rag.You ought to be greatly concerned about your appearance at all times.

#3.Satisfy Him With Sex:Avoid using sex as instrument of revenge or punishment.Research has shown that some women have used sex as a way of punishing their spouses when the refuse to do something for them.This act is very wrong and it might actually lead your spouse to run into the arms of another woman ,after all,why bother himself with an unwilling person when there are several places he can get it without stress.

#4.Shower Him With Gifts:There is no love without giving.True love is demonstrated by giving and sharing.There's no crime if a woman chooses to buy her spouse a gift or two or even surprise him by treating him to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.There's hardly any man who 'd take offense at such gesture. Remember that men are not supposed to be the only ones who give.Give your man a gift when he least expects it.You can imagine how happy he'll feel.He'll know that you think about him all the time especially if get him small things which. to an ordinary person won;t mean anything;things like a wristwatch,handset,a pair of shoe or even a car if you can afford one.Such act of generosity will certainly make want to do more for you.

#5T.ake Him By Surprise:There's nothing more that men like in women than spontaneity.Imagine this scenario;you call your man when he's at office and you tell him :"Darling,I've got something for you ;want to find out what it is?Come over".I bet you he'll be early from work that day because you've succeeded in whetting his appetite.Moreover,imagine what it'd look like if you're an unpredictable person?You'll continually have your man on his toes.Remember that variety is the spice of life.No man wants to have the same old thing happen in his relationship everyday;you'll only scare him off.Surprise him with your acts each day;give him things to remember you every single day.I tell you it'll be fun.Be bold enough to try out out new styles in bed that will make him go crazy for more.It works all the time.

#6. Learn To Tolerate:In the grand scheme of things your man;s annoying habits might seems unbearable.Chances are you'll adapt to them in time,as he'll if it comes to your own annoying tendencies.Nobody's perfect,and I think that's something we can all agree.

#7.Avoid Abusive Speech:One important reason to guard our speech is that words have power.Indeed,the word we speak have power to injure or to heal.Admittedly,at times because of human imperfection,we all say things we regret.Thoughtless words said in a haste can cause deep emotional wounds and destroy relationship.Although you can not gain perfect control over your tongue,you can keep working at making improvement in how you use it.Just as swimmer trying to swim upward has to keep fighting the current so you're to keep fighting the ugly tendency to misuse your tongue.

#8.Express Sincere Commendation To Him:You must recognize the need to speak words of commendation and approval to your spouse.Just ask yourself;'How do I feel when I receive heartfelt commendation?Does it not warm my heart and lift my spirit?'Indeed,a sincere word of commendation lets you know that some one notices you,that someone cares about you,and what you did was well worth the effort involved. Such reassurance builds your confidence and motivates you to work even more diligently on the future.Since you appreciate it when you receive commendation,should you not, in turn,do your best to your man?

#9.Comfort And Console Him At The Right Moment:What,though,can you say to build up your man who is discouraged or depressed?Indeed,he'd notice and appreciate your efforts to comfort and console him when his heart is weighed down with sadness.Do not feel that you must fix the problem,On many cases,simple words are often the most helpful.assure your downhearted spouse of your care and concern.Reassure him that he is needed and valued in your life.Taking ample time to share a ''good word'' with him and speaking from your hearty will not doubt help him to feel loved and appreciated.

#10.Give Him Effective Counsel:As imperfect creatures,we all need to receive counsel from time to time.Sometimes you may need to offer counsel to your man.Love for him moves you to want to give counsel that he can accept without feeling crushed.Consider three factors that make your counsel more effective:your attitude and motive,the basis for the counsel,and the manner in which it is given.Bear in mind that effective cousel starts with the counselor.Ask yourself,'When is cousel easy for me to accept?'When you know that the one counseling you cares about you,is not speaking out of personal frustration,and has no ulterior motives,the counsel is easier to accept.Remember that the words you speak to him have power to build up or tear down.

#11.Avoid Harmful Gossip:Gossip is idle talk about people and their lives.Is all gossip bad?Not if we mean innocent conversation in which we might share positive or helpful news.Most of us don't want to miss out on hearing the latest.But we also don't want to think of ourselves as gossips.Have a keen interest in your man's welfare and share appropriate information about him.Gossip,however,can be harmful if it distorts the facts or reveals private matters.Even more serious, it can lead to slander,which is always damaging.Hence avoid speech that may lead to harmful gossip.

#12.Prepare Him His Favorite Meals:It is often said that best way to a man's heart is his stomach-a saying popular in Africa.No man wants to spend the rest of his life eating outside the house.If you can't cook well as a woman or even cook at all,learn how to cook at least for him.Study some cookery books to learn how to prepare his favourite meals.Remember also that when and how you serve the meals to him matters.Good food should go with quality and timely service.

#13.Never Allow A third Party Come In Between You Two:Avoid this grave mistake.Matters between spouses are better resolved between themselves and not by inviting a third party to interfere.Learn to resolve issues at home when you have little misunderstanding.Talk things out and don't go off to Josephine or Jose because 'either knows about all these kind of problems'.Either might be the one to put an end to your problem;by snatching your man or by making sure that he leaves you for good by giving you wrong advice.

#14.Tell Him That You Love Him:Generally speaking,men always feel respected when a woman tells them they love them.It gives them this sweet sense of belonging,Never fail to let your man know you love him.Slip him beautiful notes on his breakfast table or on his dashboard when's about to drive off to the office.It won't even cost you much to get a card with ''I love you much,'' or ''Thanks for coming into my life'',written on it.Make him know that no matter what happens,you'll be there for him so that whenever he's having a bad day at the office,all he has to do is look at your little note or card and smile.

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