Asari Dokubo Tells Nigerian Govt Why IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu Should Not Be Released

Date: 29-01-2022 10:42 am (3 months ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 29-01-2022 10:42 AM (3 months ago)

In a recent Facebook live, Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has given reasons why the Federal Government should not release Nnamdi Kanu, the pro-Biafra agitator.

The leader of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force (NDPSF), said Kanu should not be released because he instigated violence and his influence propelled his followers to wreak havoc in the southeast.

According to Dokubo: “They will come and be begging (the FG) to bring out Nnamdi Kanu. For what? For the people that he’s killing?

“You take Mkpuru Mmiri (Crystal Methamphetamine), then eat the flesh of our people. What these evil men are doing to our people, do they have hearts?

“You take traditional rulers, chain them, you put guns inside their mouths because they are the people who are not allowing Biafra to come.”

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- Goldtime at 29-01-2022 12:04 PM (3 months ago)
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Asari say it louder bro ! I’m loving you .Kanu must be chained  down there in the dungeon. He thinks democracy means recklessness. He’s abused human rights and freedom of speech .Freedom acts enactment shouldn’t be abused .Kanu should be jailed for 80 yrs .
Posted: at 29-01-2022 12:04 PM (3 months ago) | Gistmaniac
- smart61 at 29-01-2022 04:39 PM (3 months ago)
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Nnamdi kanu is definitely responsible for the death of many youths who went to their early grave all in the name of freedom. Nnamdi kanu encouraged them.
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- njamesjunior at 30-01-2022 06:55 AM (3 months ago)
Dokubo knows nothing about freedom fighting. He led militants just for freedom and he is here blabbing against a freedom fighter that wants to save his people against the government. Nnamdi kanu is only struggling for the freedom of igbos. He is only fighting for emancipation.
Mandela did same and found it uneasy, so kalu is on it now and still not feeling it easy.
Nnamdi never believed that this struggle can be achieved via violence unlike ojukwu, he has only taken bold steps to propergate his freedom fight.
So I wish he is released and given a fare hearing
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- Jiiitk4 at 30-01-2022 07:29 AM (3 months ago)
Say whatever you like against NNAMDI KANU NDIGBO love him to death. You are just a frustrated ijaw fool. You and your people will continue to be slaves to the North. They have chased you away from your oil rich region. If you think they love you come back to Nigeria. Idiot.
Posted: at 30-01-2022 07:29 AM (3 months ago) | Upcoming