If It Hurts, Please Hug Transformer – Bauchi Commissioner Defends Post On Deborah's Murder

Date: 16-05-2022 3:06 pm (1 month ago) | Author: Bayo Nelson
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Bauchi State Commissioner for Education, Dr Aliyu Tilde has reacted to backlash that followed his response to the killing of Deborah Samuel. Tilde had said the statement that led to the gruesome murder of Deborah Samuel, a female student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto State, by her colleagues over alleged blasphemy was provoking.
Tilde said Deborah’s murder was provoked and that Christians and others dismissing blasphemy were in need of psychiatric evaluation. Posting what Deborah reportedly said on his Facebook wall, the commissioner had written, “Ba wai an yi group din nan don ture-turen abubuwan banza ba ne fa. An yi don past Q, in akwai test, in an ba da assignment, a tura. Ba wai abubuwan banzan ga za ku tuttura mana ba. Manzon Allah din me? (This group is not for the faint of heart. Done for past Q, if there is a test, if an assignment is given, push. It’s not what you don’t care about us. What is the Messenger of Allah?),” the commissioner then added, “If you’re not provoked by this, visit a psychiatrist, please. We must teach our children to respect others.”
Defending his position on his Twitter account, the commissioner said he has no regret over the initial post.
“NO REGRET: True believers of Jesus, including me, do not lie. I have watched and read many Christians condemn what Deborah said. “The provocation is as bad as the killing. Both must be condemned. If that hurts anyone, please let him hug the nearest transformer,” he said.
This publication recalls that in March 2021, some angry youths backed by leaders in Sade community in the Darazo Local Government Area of Bauchi State burnt a man identified as Talle Mai Ruwa, to death for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad. Mai Ruwa was dragged away from his house in the presence of his mother and burnt to death in the middle of the community.

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Your daughter will hug before you get home today. Animal
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Your daughter will hug the transformer on your street before you get home today. Animal
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can u imagine... may such happen to ur daughters

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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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- SweetDaddy1 at 17-05-2022 10:22 AM (1 month ago)
Muslims from Africa are referred to as non believers in the Arab world. Imported religion is nothing but a scammers business. Terrorists sponsors and their foot soldiers are using name of religion to kill, kidnap for ransoms. Other religions are stealing money from people who care to listen to their scam stories. Those who justify killing because of religion: THEY SHALL BURY THEIR CHILDREN IF THEY HAVE ANY CHILDREN.
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- Panaki at 18-05-2022 06:51 AM (1 month ago)
Something still baffles me in this religious defence.
On numerous occasions,  comedians even of Islamic faith has cracked jokes about Jesus Christ without anyone baiting an eyelid.
Even Christian audiences would be rolling on the floor with laughters.
But, if you mis-spelt Prophet Mohammed's name.  These jobless morons called Islamic fanatics would kill you or protest about it.
They behave as if they're more knowledgeable in the faith than people living in Mecca.
If that should be the case, Christians,  General Overseers and Pastors should write to Wasiu Ayinde K1 to desist from allocating names that are meant for Jesus Christ to himself.
Names such as:
* Omo Alade Alafia
* Gbongbo idile Jesse
* Eya Kiniun Judah
Every Yoruba Christian knows these names are acronym used in praising Jesus Christ.
Let Wasiu Ayinde go to Kano City and start calling himself Prophet Mohammed SAW and see whatll befall him. If he lives Kano safely then he must be wearing a face mask.
He was singing this at Celestial Church Genesis Parish, in front of Evangelist Dele Ogundipe. He Ogundipe was smiling like a man whose wife has just deliver twin babies.
If every religious sect could take laws into their hands such as the parochial idiots from the Northern parts of Nigeria then let the Yoruba Christian start from Wasiu Ayinde.
Maybe they the core Northern Muslim should be reminded the religion was imported to Nigeria from Saudi Arabia. The fact the christians don't fight on the insult on their religion doesn't portray them as cowards or weak. They're are just civilised people who believe everyone has different opinions compared to these jobless imbeciles, parochial morons and idiots from birth religious fanatics from Northern parts of Nigeria.
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