University Degree Only For Gaining Self Confidence

Date: 14-12-2010 8:08 pm (13 years ago) | Author: ceenod
- at 14-12-2010 08:08 PM (13 years ago)
it seems like not for the money but for the
holders ego sake.
that a university degree is useful.
it cost say 5 or 6 years but at the end , the
bsc /ba graduate
has more self esteem that the secondary
school student.
and with M.A ,phD the self esteem goes
higher - though the pocket
depth may not correspond.
and people correspondingly , in their mind,
consider non university
graduates to be half human. as if theyr
retards,that's why
they seem suprised when the "dimwits" do
sth. exceptionally well
they say "he isnt even a unversity
meaning - he's a not-so-smart person yet
he's so smart - this is
the exception - only university graduates
aught to be as smart,rich,
successful as he/she is - the sheep - whose
brain is one quarter alive.
infact is seems like an injustice - they won't
say it loud - that
non university trained people should be
successful !!!
like success is the exclusive domain of the
paper holders.     Culled from a brilliant mind

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