Horror As U.S. Border Patrol Agent Kills Four S3x Workers To ‘Clean Up The Streets’

Date: 09-12-2022 2:55 pm (1 month ago) | Author: Bayo Nelson
- at 9-12-2022 02:55 PM (1 month ago)

Juan David Ortiz, a Border Patrol agent in Texas, has been convicted in court of murder. He was convicted of killing four s*x workers after telling investigators he was trying to "clean up the streets". Ortiz, 39, confessed to the killings and will receive an automatic sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole because prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty, UK Mirror reports At the time of his arrest, Ortiz was a Border Patrol intel supervisor and admitted to killing Melissa Ramirez, 29, Claudine Anne Luera, 42, Guiselda Alicia Cantu, 35, and Janelle Ortiz, 28.

Their bodies were found along roads on the outskirts of the Texan town of Laredo in September 2018. Ortiz told investigators he had been a customer of most of the women, but he also expressed disdain for s*x workers, referring to them as “trash” and “so dirty” and insisting he wanted to “clean up the streets.”

He said “the monster would come out” as he drove along a stretch of street in Laredo frequented by the women. After the verdict had been handed down, family members of the murdered women faced their killer to give statements Ramirez’s sister-in-law, Gracie Perez, described her as “a loving, kind and funny person.” She told Ortiz that the hearts of Ramirez’s children are now broken.

“Do you know how much pain you have caused this family?” Perez said. “My heart is torn apart knowing that I won’t be able to see her but to visit her in the cemetery,” she said. Ortiz' defence attorneys said the confession was improperly induced and attempted to have it barred from the evidence.

Defence attorney Joel Perez also argued that Ortiz, a Navy veteran who had been deployed to Iraq, was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, had been suffering from insomnia, nightmares and headaches, and was medicated and had been drinking the night of the slayings. During the trial, a witness testified that Ortiz picked her up on the evening of September 14, 2018, and that she got a bad feeling when he told her he was the “next to last person” to have s*x with Ramirez, whose body had been found a week earlier.

She testified that he told her he was worried investigators would find his DNA on the body.

“It made me think that he was the one who might have been murdering,” the 31-year-old told the jury. Pena fled from his truck at a petrol station after he pointed a gun at her, and she ran straight to a state trooper who was refuelling his vehicle. Ortiz fled. Authorities tracked Ortiz to a hotel parking garage in the early hours of September 15, 2018, and he was arrested.

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kill this bastard  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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Kill that bastard and arrest his spirit.
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