"Nollywood Not A Ground For BBL, Runs, Gay" – Kanayo O. Kanayo Warns

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has said the Nigerian movie industry is no platform for Brazilian Butt Lift, cooperate sex workers and gays.

The thespian said instead the entertainment industry is an ideal ground for creativity.

Kanayo made this known in an interview with Afia TV.

He added that the movie industry should not be a ground for amateurs, but one for honing talents.

Kanayo said,
“Nollywood should not be a ground for BBL; bum bum enlargement. Nollywood should not be a ground for people doing runs. Nollywood should not be a ground where people’s dollars are stolen in hotels. All these Nollywood girls, it is not a ground for gay or Lesbianism.

“It is a ground for creativity. Nollywood is not a ground for learning how to act. Many people come to Nollywood to learn how to act. You are supposed to come to the industry to better and hone your talent. Many girls after hearing Genevieve [Nnaji] is a millionaire, Omatola [Akande] is a billionaire, would go and borrow wigs and come [to the movie industry] deceiving themselves.

“We all have different sectors. Everybody is welcome but the fact is, find out whether you have a calling for acting. That your neighbor says you know how to act, doesn’t mean you are an actor. You need some element of education to come to Nollywood.

“It doesn’t really matter if you studied medicine and you want to act. But for goodness sake, don’t come to it because you are struggling; your business stopped booming. Because most people, once their businesses crumble, they join acting. No na. For you to be a medical doctor, you need to have put in seven years. I put in six years to become a lawyer. So, why do you think you would just come and say you want to act?

“These days, you know what happens? If you’re a girl, whether you are fine or not. And you have a jeep [SUV], they [filmmakers] will ask you to become an actress because they want to use your car nonstop in that movie and another movie. They will give you one role to play.

“People are bragging about the industry because some want to sell sex, some want to sell their body, some want to do this and so on. And it’s not healthy for the industry. But everyone is welcome. But Instagram Stars are the ones who are giving the industry a bad name. And I don’t want anybody to join them because they’ve a little time and they’ll fade out.”

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- Dopybadass at 25-09-2023 08:39 PM (2 months ago)
And na that same Instagram ashawos they make it seem it is so difficult to be an actor expecially those girls, staring from that one prostitute called Destiny etiko and many of them,once they start acting on screen,the next thing is to automatically turn themselves home and away ashawo,then the next thing is they will begin posting expensive cars and houses they bought and will tag it hard work pays, Nollywood is no longer the Nollywood of old we know before,and KOK has said it all, before you become and actor, which school you go,you can't be on a different field and say you want to be an actor,I love acting is different from having the calling
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- gogoman at 25-09-2023 10:58 PM (2 months ago)
as if they will listen to you
Posted: at 25-09-2023 10:58 PM (2 months ago) | Grande Master