Tonto Dikeh Probes Reno Omokri Over Tell-all Interview With Naira Marley

Date: 30-09-2023 8:19 pm (2 months ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 30-09-2023 08:19 PM (2 months ago)

Tonto Dikeh has revealed her observations and questions after watching Naira Marley’s interview with former presidential aide, Reno Omokri.

During the week, Naira Marley in an interview shared a video of his last conversation with the late singer Mohbad, wherein, the deceased opened up about his struggle with suicidal thoughts.

The singer made it known that he was not even in the country when the tragic incident occurred, and was on good terms with Mohbad before his untimely death.

He had promised to cooperate with the authorities in unraveling the mystery behind his death.

After carefully watching the video, Tonto Dikeh raised 10 questions for Reno Omokri as she avowed that the interview was well-planned between the two.

She questioned why Naira Marley was granting interviews, the identity of Reno, their reason for interfering with the case, and where Naira Marley was, among others.

“On Naira Marley and Reno Omokri, I said it all pre-planned.

The fundamental question here is why Naira Marley is granting an interview when police are on investigation.

Who is Reno Omokri?

I tell you free, the interview was a way of interfering with justices

95% of Nigeria who came out to demand justice on Mohbad death have no idea of who Reno Omokri is, so the interview is a game.

Where is Naira Marley?

Nigerians will all agree with me that they are both somewhere in the United States or United Kingdom together or not, that isn’t our problem is theirs.

From the interview, Reno Omokri was leading Naira Marley

For Nigerians who know Reno Omokri large percentage will agree with me that he is a betrayal

What Reno Omokri did, can he try it with the investigation process of the United States or the United Kingdom, where he now lives? The answer is NO”.

“After carefully watching Reno Omokri and Naira Marley’s interview, here are my observations & questions that deserve an answer

Why is Reno interfering with an ongoing investigation?”.

Actress, Ruth Kadiri also reacted to the interview, stating that by their fruits, one can know them, which implies that the two are similar.

Ruth Kadiri added that if Nigeria had laws, we wouldn’t be on social media discussing who is right and wrong.

Sending a message to Mohbad to rest well, she prayed for Nigerians not to happen to anyone

On Tuesday Naira Marley broke his silence on allegations of assaulting Mohbad, which he debunked.

He stated that the rumors of the label being a drug cartel are untrue as he isn’t a drug lord, and nor does he belong to any cult or fraternity.

Naira Marley further stated that he is dedicated to proving his innocence and cooperating with the authorities to clear my name with sufficient evidence.

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Who is Tonto to ask all this question, and why is tonto so kin to involve or put the death of Mohbad on Naira Marley. Let me just say it here now.
Only God knows the hatred with Marley from tonto I believe it's because Naira did not give her face.secondly, Tonto, Iyabo Ojo l, samclif and Ksolo are the Owners of GISTLOVERS and they are fighting hard to bring Naira Marley down... this investigation is so easy and straight but they are just trying to poison Nigerians mind with their foolish narrative.  The boys that Carry Mohbad and announce his death, where was he carried from, what happened there, who confirm him dead before they announced it. The hospital said he was brought in dead, but in that video they announced his dead he move his head, which means he was still alive there. So they are not tacky or from there but just diverting everyone attention with Naira Marley story and Samlarry just for them to be cashing out. Look at Samclif and Ksolo that can not even do music again abi its samclif that went to eat Asylum in the US. They are all jealous of Naira Marley and want to bring him down. Big musicians refuse to talk even the so called Mohbad friends refuse talking then its Tonto and Iyabo ojo that are Nollywood people that kill their selves everyday that will now carry Musivian death for head,them try they better go and help their industry, all big musicians I n naija did not say a word coz they know wat played out. Irrelevant fools like Iyabo and Tonto just kip pushing senseless narrative to the public. It's so sad.
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