Online Users In Shock As Photos Of Ancient Egyptian Masterpiece Strike Resemblance With Isreal

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The wooden statue of Ka-aper is an ancient Egyptian masterpiece that was discovered in 1870 at the Mastaba of Ka-aper in Saqqara, Egypt.

It is a sculptural representation of the priest who recited prayers in temples around 4,500 years ago.

The statue is remarkably realistic, with portrait-like facial features and inlaid eyes, giving it a lifelike quality.

When it was found, the excavation workers believed it resembled their own village chief and named it 'Sheikh el-Balad' (mayor), a name that is still associated with the statue today.

It is currently housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
Although this has caused the internet buzzing as the photos strike resemblance with Isreal DMW

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queendhorlar; If Isreal come your mind at first like this comment

bigvaijokotoye; This post is not about Egypt sha

ruggedybaba; No be Israel be this?

omareign_; Looks like isreal
frankieseeka; Juju na ancient man like that

officialbenison; Israel don come this world before?

venzamafuskale; No be juju (Israel) be this

efewarriboy3; Ah ah juju origin

cntyakute25; And u are playing JUJU knowing that the statue looks like isreal.

hardejhoke2086 ;Talk directly,no Dey use corner ;Israel has been on this earth before

da_weblog; Know be juju that

kiddobaby_rbb; 4,500 years ago, Omo people dan really come this life and people dan go oo

mr.ecollins; Why looking like Israel

tsv_seafood_venture; Abi na my eyes ,this statue come resemble isreal

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nah the head ooo

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